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Bitcoin failed to close above the 200 EMA (orange line), bulls still not in charge of the market.
$BTC long-term trend reset completely and it's ready for massive bounce potentially leading to new ATH .
New year, same story. The realised HODL ratio is playing out near enough identical to every other bull run.

Using this metric the bull run seems far from over, and I tend to agree. We seem to be simply moving on to the next section as we speak.
Just need to put a stop loss around 37k and can enjoy the ride..
The first leg up of a bull run is typically denoted as the rapid rise of price before consolidation.

The consolidations were:
197 days in 2013
55 days in 2017
Before they reached there ATH again.

So far in 2020/2021 the consolidation period has been 66 days. If history replays itself massive gains are on the other side.
BTC price move as expected on weekend. BTC bounce near 16% from Saturday deep. Bullish W pattern forming on 4 hr chart with resistance near $36350 and $38627 where 50 day moving average lies.

We can also see bullish MACD and RSI divergence in 1 day chart which make bulls stronger.

Enjoy Market till bears not come with new FUD news.
Bitcoin is cheap and Long-Term BTC Holders know it.

They've added 741,363 BTC to their holdings since the initial price drawdown in late May.

DREP/ BTC ( Binance )

Buying Range

1000 - 1140 SAT
Crypto Coin Society
PROJECT BUY SIGNAL DREP/ BTC ( Binance ) Buying Range 1000 - 1140 SAT
DREP hit 1495 in just one day

30% profit in avg .

You can still hold with stop loss because we can see further highs
ALTS Market:
This is the chart of the Total alts Market which shows alts are at a resistance point near $800 billion. A jump in BTC will help to push alts market for next resistance of 1 Trillion dollars. MACD also looks good and RSI showing that theres still more space for a jump.

ETH USDT pair also looks good and upcoming London Hardfork Can push eth price to a further level which can be oxygen for the alts market.

On the other side, correction in BTC will not be good for alts and we can see again big dip in alts market if btc dump which support near 600 Billion dollar.

Many High caps are forming same chart pattern and BTC price movement will be major trigger for alts in coming days.
July 6:
As mention yesterday in the chart bitcoin bounced from support and gave a good $2000 jump and the price reached 35k.
But as we are seeing from the last 45 days, one more china fud posted by many twitter handles at same time and we are seeing a near $1000 correction in the 1 hr at the time of posting this chart.
But bitcoin is still in the ascending triangle and breakout will be decide next major move. Bulls will again try to control price at ascending line.
July 10:
Once again btc bounced from $32k and is ready to test $35k-36k. Bears again try to control this level but weekly closing above $35258 turns the candle into green which gives confidence to bulls.

50Day Moving average is also at the same zone, so successful closing above $36k will open gate for $42k and 48k by end of july.

Market also understands the fear behind Grayscale unlocking and know that it can do reverse impact on btc price too which helps to pump btc.

Market continued to test btc at $32k from last 8 week but was not able to break this zone and if btc holds and bounces from here, it will create FOMO, no one want miss btc at 30-32k for long term.
Bitcoins volatility index is ready for another massive move. The next week could be the start of a new price trend. Keep your eyes on it.
BTC 3D MACD is printing green with bullish crossover for first time since March

Bullish RSI Div on the 1D

Bitcoin is looking good for a bounce in higher time frame 🔥🚀
JUST IN – cash app now allows users to time the dips, automatically buying or selling #Bitcoin  at any future price.

Cash app have user base of 36 Million 🔥
Bitcoin supply held by whales with a balance of 1K–10K spiked as BTC trades near $30,000. There were 17 new whales birthed on the blockchain this week, while at the same time the overall holdings of whales increased upwards by 65,429 BTC.
RUNE, SUSHI, BAL and BAKE are the good entries if you can hold for the big targets. If you’re impatient, then RUNE is your best bet for short term.
daily close above 31.2k and we see 34-35k, simple
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