Best Stellar Lumens Wallet: 9 Ways to Keep Your XLM Safe

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The year 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the crypto rally of 2017, we have cryptocurrencies such as Stellar Lumens. Like every other cryptocurrency, crypto users are faced with the challenge of the kind of wallet to use. This article focuses on the best Stellar Lumens wallet that users' will find secure and useful. 

About Stellar Lumens

best stellar lumens wallet

Most often, people confuse Stellar Lumens with Ripple. They do bear some similarities, but Stellar Lumen is not a fork of Ripple. One of the reasons for the confusion is that the founder of Stellar Lumens. Jed McCaleb, who happens to be the founder of Mt.Gox exchange, created Stellar. Also, Jed was the co-founder of Ripple. However, the white paper of Ripple and Stellar will show you the vast technical differences between the two cryptocurrencies. 

To add more clarification, Ripple was designed in 2012 by an American programmer. The aim was to allow banks to wire money internationally in a few seconds using the SWIFT payment system at no cost. On the other hand, Stellar is a payment system that allows banks and people to move money using a distributed ledger protocol. 

Stellar remains in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. As at the time of writing this article, stellar has a market cap of USD 1,167,383,778, which is approximately 144,111 BTC to show that Stellar is still a valuable cryptocurrency. 

Some of the criteria users consider when searching for the best Stellar Lumens wallet revolve around security. Users want to be sure that their coins will be safe, and they would pay less for transfers to other wallets. We compiled a list of Wallets that you can depend on:

Top Wallets to Hold Stellar Lumens

Name of Wallet  Feature 1 Feature 2 Editors Rating 
Ledger Nano X Hardware wallet Bluetooth enabled
Lobstr Wallet Functions like a mobile bank Price Ticker and Email notification
Stella Desktop Wallet Hot Wallet You can store your private keys yourself
Stargazer Wallet Open-Source wallet Available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux users
Astra Wallet  Web wallet data encryption with AES-256,
Solar Wallet  Desktop wallet Doubles as an exchange 
StellarTerm Web-based trading platform  Low-cost trading fees
BlockEQ Available on IOS, MAC, and windows  Control over coins through Recovery Phrase
Atomic wallet multi-coin crypto wallets Anonymous transactions

Ledger Nano X

ledger nano x

Most often, people would rather store their cryptocurrencies offline as a way of security. Ledger Nano X offers its users an extra layer of protection by keeping your coins off the net and away from hackers. This device supports more than 1000 cryptocurrency from Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Ledger Nano X was introduced in May 2019. The Nano X has an improved design and function that is widely different from the previous device, the Ledger Nano S.

Some of the features of the Nano X include; 

  • Bluetooth: The Nano X allows users to pair and send Stellar via a smartphone in a secure way.
  • Large screen: The Nano X has a full screen compared to the nano S version, which makes it easier to operate.
  • Security: The security chip of the new Nano ledger has an improved central element which makes it more secure. 
  • Battery: The device comes with excellent battery life to aid mobility. 

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Lobstr wallet

There is no need to search for the best Stellar Lumens wallet with the Lobstr wallet. It can be used to send, receive, and manage transactions smoothly and efficiently. Lobstr wallet has both mobile and web apps. It was created by the same programmer who designed Ripple, and it was also launched the same year with the Stellar project. 

The Wallet was created to store only XLM coins. It was created for the un-bank, so the Wallet works precisely like a mobile bank. It comes with a price ticker, email notification, and several other features that make it a unique and smart wallet. With Lobstr, you remain 100% in control of your coins. 

Stellar Desktop wallets

This is a hot wallet which means your private keys are stored offline. However, compared to other wallets they are entirely free to use. You only need to provide all the necessary security measures to safeguard your Stellar coins. 

You need to ensure you use the right anti-virus. Also, ensure that all firewalls are intact to protect your private keys from being stolen by hackers. If your computer is fully protected, then you do not need to worry as desktop wallets are pretty safe compared to web wallets. 

The advantages of the stellar desktop wallet are that your private keys are stored on your personal computer. Also, the Stellar desktop wallet supports more than one cryptocurrency. It equally has an active development team and no acquisition cost.

Stargazer wallet

This is another decent wallet for sending, receiving, and storing your Stellar Lumens. First, stargazer is an open-source wallet which means anyone can verify the source code of the Wallet. It has several unique features like multiple assets, multi-signatory functions, federated address, import and export of accounts, labels to transaction e.t.c. 

There have been many complaints of different errors in the past with stargazer wallet. These complaints made a lot of users stop using the Wallet. But of recent, the developers have been able to correct the errors. Ever since then, the Wallet has been working correctly. Also, there have never been complaints of security rupture.

With stargazer, you own your funds as you can quickly restore your Wallet with the recovery mnemonic tools. Believe me when I say there is so much you can do with the Wallet. It has some unique operational features which are hard to get from other wallets. Stargazer is available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux users. 

Astra wallet

For those who prefer to use a web wallet, Astra should be a choice. The developers built Astra to better the security of storing Stellar coins by adding an extra convenience of not having to store private keys. The security features of Astra make it hard to hack. 

Security layers encoded into the web wallet include; data encryption with AES-256, secure socket layer, 2-factor authentication for all accounts and passwords, hashed with Argon2 the winner of the 2015 hashing competition. 

Besides, the Astra wallets also allow users to receive stellar from a federated address and also via email through* and also provide added customer support via email. Astra supports XLM, MOBI, SLT and will be adding more stellar tokens in the future. 

Solar Wallet

solar wallet

It is an open-sourced wallet that was developed by SaotohsiPay. The Stellar Wallet is a friendly wallet with strong security and excellent speed. It is not difficult to open a wallet account on the Solar Wallet. As a desktop wallet, private keys are stored on the user's personal computer. Your private keys are stored in an encrypted way using the SHA256 and PBKDF2 hashing algorithm. If you forget your password there is no way to recover your XLM unless the user has made a backup. 

The Solar Wallet has other features such as multi-party functions. There is also an internal decentralized stellar exchange called (DEX)

Testnet support. Also, the Solar Wallet is well designed with a secure security layer to mitigate attacks from hackers. If you are looking for a wallet designed explicitly for the Stellar network, the Solar Wallet is a standard choice for you.


If you are searching for the best Stellar Lumens wallet, then consider StellerTerm. It is a decentralized exchange developed by the Lobstr team. The exchange was created to have dual functions; a trading platform and a wallet for saving and sending cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized exchange built over the Stellar network, which is why it can be used as a wallet also. 

As a web-based decentralized trading platform, it allows you to store, send, receive, and trade Stellar coins regardless of your experience. With StellarTerm, one could purchase more than one asset with (XML) and at no additional cost, unlike other trading platforms. It is non-profit and does not charge users for the services they render to them. It has low-cost trading as its main advantage. A user will have to pay 100 stroops which is 0.00001 XLM per transaction.

This is a significant trading platform which in the long run will have a global financial effect. This is a suitable platform for those looking for platforms to send, receive, and trade XLM.


BlockEQ is another excellent wallet to store your Stellar coins. With this Wallet, you can easily send, receive, store your coins with an additional function that allows users to trade XLM on Stellar's decentralized exchange.

With your 12-24 recovery phrase, you can have total control of your private keys. The BlockEQ has an enhanced security feature that allows you to use PIN code to save your wallets. It is available on iOS, MAC, and windows which is good news for those holding Stellar coins. 

Atomic Wallet

atomic wallet

The Changelly CEO Konstantin Gladych created the atomic Wallet. This wallet targets the three significant demands in the crypto space;

  • Anonymous transaction
  • Decentralization
  • Security

The private key of the Atomic wallet is stored on the user's device. This means that no one within the development team of atomic wallets has access to any sensitive data.

This Wallet allows users to instantly exchange cryptocurrency directly to one another, peer to peer. But this isn't available for all coins. The developers have integrated the exchange service of Changelly and Shapeshift to support any cryptocurrency without the atomic swap function. The Atomic swap wallet is one of the best multi-coin crypto wallets on the market, and they support Stellar lumens


It can be hard to pick an option from the numerous list of Wallets on the stellar network. However, if you are looking for the best Stellar Lumens Wallet, you can take your pick from the wallets listed above. 

Those interested in hardware wallets will find the Ledger Nano X suitable. Lovers of web wallets, hot wallets, and mobile-based wallets will find one to suit them. Equally, most of these wallets support both Stellar Lumens and Ripple. We already know that they both serve different purposes. So, if you need the best Stellar Lumens Wallet, I hope you find your choice. 

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