Best Bitcoin Cash Wallet in 2021: Top [BCH] Crypto Wallets

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Bitcoin Cash is the result of a hard fork from the Bitcoin network in 2017. Ever since its hard fork, the digital currency has remained one of the top 10 coins, especially in 2018. However, by August 2018, there were talks of the Bitcoin Cash network splitting. Eventually, the network split into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. However, the purpose of this review is to find out the best Bitcoin Cash Wallet, and that is what we will do…

Searching for a cryptocurrency wallet can be such as hard task, especially when you have specific criteria the wallet must meet. Most often, wallet users are concerned about functionally, security, ease of use, and other factors. There are an ample amount of options in regard to BCH wallets. Let us appropriately analyze the latest options of the best Bitcoin cash wallets in 2019.

Bitcoin Cash Electrum Wallet

best bitcoin cash wallet

Contrary to what you may see online the tradition Electrum wallet only supports Bitcoin, not Bitcoin Cash.

Luckily for you, they made a fork of Electrum called Electron Cash (which we cover below as one of the best Bitcoin Cash wallets) specifically for those users who want to claim their Bitcoin Cash.

Here are the instructions on how to do that from their website.

Jaxx Liberty Wallet

jaxx liberty wallet

The Jaxx Liberty wallet is a cross-platform blockchain wallet that allows over 80 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin cash. It is easy to use, and it also provides a seamless UI for storing the bitcoin cash with seven-day customer support. Jaxx allows you to have total control of your keys. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It also has a version which supports Android as well. New users will find Jaxx easy to generate bitcoin cash wallet address, export the private key, send coins, and view balance. Wallet wallet

This is one of the most popular web wallets backed by a Beijing-based company called Bitmain. However, it was originally designed by Blocktrail. Bitmain also has a block explorer and a pool mining company that uses a settlement called PPS (pay-per-share). They are designed to make sending and receiving of bitcoin and bitcoin cash easy. 

The wallet is an open-sourced wallet that supports two-factor authentication and multi-signature transactions. Also, it is a hierarchical deterministic wallet that allows you to backup your funds in case you lose access to your device. It is available for Android and iOS users. 

Coinomi Wallet

coinomi wallet

If you are looking for a user-friendly and accessible wallet that supports multiple currencies like Dash, ETH, Verge, and Litecoin, then, here you are. It is a lightweight wallet that allows you to control your private key. One of its best security features is that Coinomi wallet doesn’t support screen grabs for both Android and iOS. This security feature makes it difficult for someone to steal your private key. If you would like a wallet that doesn’t compromise private key then this is it. Coinomi is safe to use for BCH transactions with an in-built third-party trade application like Shapeshift and Changelly.

CashAddress Wallet

CashAddress Wallet

This is the paper wallet option available for people who find this as a safe alternative for storing their bitcoin cash. It is an open-source javascript client-side wallet generator. If you are thinking of storing your BCH for a long time, then CashAddress is for you. You can also pass the paper wallet as a gift to your loved ones. The only downside is if misplaced the coins are lost forever. 

Bitcoin Unlimited Wallet

BitcoinUnlimited Wallet

This a  peer-to-peer e-cash system released in 2015 by Andrew Stone, Peter Tschipper and 

Andrea Suisan. The wallet is known for small transaction fees and fast reliable confirmation speed. The wallet can be used for node operators, miners, and investors. It is a full node implementation for bitcoin. The Bitcoin Unlimited Wallet is like an updated Bitcoin core wallet. It allows Bitcoin clients to process transactions into blocks with a potential maximum size greater than the Core's hard-coded limit of one megabyte. The version supports bitcoin cash. This Bitcoin Unlimited wallet supports BCH and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

Rahakott Wallet

Rahakott Wallet

Rahakott is an HD multi-currency wallet that allows anyone to send or receive money from any part of the world. By using a mnemonic phrase, the need to log in is made null. 

You can access more than one wallet if you activate your two-factor authentication. A wallet that automatically creates a new address for every transaction. Not to forget it allows users to work in virtual tunnels like tor with a mixing technology that makes it impossible to track transactions. 

CoinPayments Wallet

coinpayments wallet

Coinpayments is a digital web-based payment gateway for cryptocurrency. Coinpayment supports more than 2,580 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin cash.  The best thing about CoinPayments is their easy to use plugins for bitcoin cash merchants and developers. 

CoinPayments has a vault feature which creates an added layer of security against hackers. It also has a unique tag for payment for all coins. Instead of the long alphanumeric address on the coin payment wallet, you can use name tags to transfer BCH to anyone using the coin payment platform. 

CoinPayments provides with a variety of features, including GAP600 instant confirmation, Airdrops, Mobile APP, fiat settlement, auto coin conversion, multi-coin wallet, point of sales fiat settlement, and several innovative services. 

Ledger Nano S Wallet

Ledger Nano S

Hardware storage provides offline storage solution, which makes it one of the most secure storage options available. Ledger Nano S has security covered when it comes to hardware wallets. It allows the users to store their coins in a secure chip protected by pin code. 

It provides two-factor authentication, multi-currency, and also allows external wallets to manage other assets. The transactions are only verified using the OLED support by pressing buttons on the device. Ledger Nano S offers support to 22 coins and ERC-20 tokens directly from your desktop with the Ledger Live application.

Trezor Wallet

Trezor is a handy portable hardware wallet which is created to provide offline storage of cryptocurrency. The hardware functions to mitigate theft and malware attack which most online wallet is prone to. 

With Trezor securing your asset is easy and efficient. It comes with built-in buttons and digital screens that you can use to verify assets transactions. In case you misplace your hardware you can easily recover access to your coins from your offline backup. The Trezor hardware can be used to store different cryptocurrencies like ETH, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

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Electron Cash Wallet

Best bitcoin cash wallet

In the search for the best bitcoin cash wallet, we cannot bypass Electron Cash SLP. This is a lightweight wallet built by Electron Cash Developers. The EC wallet introduced a noncustodial solution for Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. The wallet is a fork of the Electrum wallet and gives you control of your private keys. 


Finding the best bitcoin cash wallet should not be that stressful once you have your requirement list. For most wallet users, all they want is a wallet with low transaction fees, security, and anonymity. Others want a simple wallet with an excellent user interface. But nobody is willing to compromise on safety. So, a secure wallet is sure to be the best bitcoin cash wallet. 

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