Voyager Review 2021 (VGX) – [The Best Cryptocurrency Broker and Trading App?]

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With cryptocurrency trading growing by volumes of billions each day, the average Joes and Janes are left scratching their heads at how to get into the market. There are a plethora of cryptocurrency exchanges out there to choose from, but there also lie lingering questions.

Are they regulated for me to use their services? Are they even that good? How could I safely invest my money with them? So, why not answer all those questions in our Voyager review with a crypto broker that'll make those headaches go away.

Trading cryptos isn't an easy venture to get into, made much harder with people's insecurities about having to put their hard-earned monies at risk and all the jargon that you need to learn as you get into an exchange. Voyager, on the other hand, makes this a whole lot simpler with an app-based brokerage where you can buy, sell, trade cryptos with ease, track and manage your portfolio, as well as trade with peace of mind. So, keen to know what they're about? Read along our Voyager review to learn more…

What Is Voyager?

Voyager is a cryptocurrency brokerage service that allows users to trade with crypto tokens easily from their mobile app, made for Android or iOS. It was founded in 2019 by former executives and staff from the likes of Uber and E*Trade.

As a brokerage, it naturally offers cryptocurrency trading across more than 50 different tokens, as well as extra features such as earning steady interest on your assets or managing your portfolio. More interestingly, all of this trading is commission-free.

To inspire confidence and protect the security of its users, Voyager is a public company. In 2019, Voyager was listed on the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol “VYGR.V,” following a reverse takeover valued at $60-million and then raised another $7-million. Later on, Voyager moved on to be listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange. As such, Voyager's cryptocurrency services are fully licensed and regulated by authorities such as FinCEN and is FDIC insured for up to $250,000.

How Does Voyager Work?

But, you might ask, how does Voyager actually work? As a brokerage, how is it that they could still be in business, give its users the best trading experience, and charges zero commission for trades all at the same time? Well, our Voyager review can give an answer to this in the form of ‘dynamic Smart Order Routing.'

To accomplish this, Voyager has routed its entire brokerage to tap into more than a dozen other secure and trusted exchanges and market makers, from which users will trade from.

The dynamic Smart Order Routing works by tapping into the price feeds of those exchanges and then identifying discrepancies in the markets to thus offer you the best prices for your trades to take place. You only pay the quoted price on their app.

If Voyager is able to undercut that quoted price by finding a lower price on another exchange, the savings are then split as profit for both Voyager and the user with the other services that they offer. With this, Voyager only makes money when you save money.

However, the advantage of this technology doesn't just stop with the user getting competitive prices and zero-commission trading, but it ensures that users can trade with reliable and quick execution times.

The use of Smart Order Routing can leverage the best and deepest liquidity networks so that your trades can execute instantly. Hence, you can more effectively play the market by taking advantage of bid and ask spreads by arbitraging, as you can outpace many other traders.

What Can You Do on the Voyager App?

As we mentioned earlier in our Voyager review, their platform is built as an app for Android or iOS, with quick and easy sign-in. Trading with Voyager is currently only available in the US – though they are planning to expand internationally – except for New York and a few other states, in which they're working to get a license soon.

For the most part, though, their mobile app is extremely easy to use, and it enables users to trade against more than 50 cryptocurrencies natively with support for USD.

For our Voyager Review, here are some of the things that you can do on Voyager…

1. Earn High Passive Interest on Your Crypto Assets

While you're most likely going to trade on the Voyager app, you can instead leave assets in your account to start accruing interest. Voyager's interest program can enable users to both trade and earn passive rewards at the same time, without any lockup periods or limits in place.

All you need is to hold a minimum balance of said cryptocurrencies, and you can nearly 10% with some stablecoins, or up to 7.25% on your Bitcoin (BTC) holdings, as of this Voyager review.

2. Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Ordinarily, tracking your cryptocurrency investments can be difficult, as you need to log in to individual exchanges and slowly log in how they're performing. But Voyager makes this easier as you can natively track and manage your crypto assets through the app itself.

You can thus monitor the performance of your investments as singular assets or entire portfolios, with integrated trackers for all your profits and losses. You could now be better informed as to how your crypto-focused wealth is doing.

3. Use Powerful Built-In Tools to Help You Trade

Speaking of informed, the Voyager app has a native newsfeed functionality, which pulls in real-time information and breaking news as they happen across the market, both for cryptocurrencies and the financial industry as a whole.

If you'd like to do some on-the-go analysis on your phone, Voyager also provides great charting and analytical tools to help you place and match your trades even better. You could even compare tokens with a side-by-side view charting view.

What Is Voyager's Native Cryptocurrency Token?

To make its ecosystem more enticing to use, Voyager has its own native cryptocurrency, the VGX token. For the most part, Voyager's VGX tokens are designed purely to offer its users more perks, such as earning additional rewards, cashback bonuses, and discounts on their services. For example, VGX can generate you 3% in interest per annum.

Otherwise, it can be used as a trading pair or collateral for your trading. Set on a fixed deflationary pattern, there is a total of 222,295,208 VGX in supply.

At the time of writing this Voyager review, the price of one VGX token is around $2.91. This marks quite a significant gain of 16998.27% from its all-time lows back in December 2019, when it was valued at around $0.01699.

However, today's price is still 70.94% off from its all-time highs of $10.00. With a market capitalization of $645,828,719, Voyager's VGX tokens are the 105th-most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

What Else Can Voyager Do, and What's Next?

Besides opening up its services to regular users like you and me, Voyager also brings its cryptocurrency brokerage for institutional clients. It uses the same technologies that we mentioned earlier through the retail trading app, but Voyager's institutional trading desk opens up broader market access with even deeper liquidity and at competitive prices.

This time, it's Smart Order Routing plugs not just into normal exchanges, but it powers Voyager's institutionalized execution platform with OTC desks, as well.

Combined with the aforementioned liquidity network, institutional traders are given the best tools on the market for the best, unfettered, and speedy access to cryptocurrency trading. Aside from that, they even offer a custodial solution where its clients can store digital assets with greater security in mind.

While Voyager doesn't have a published roadmap right now, they did discuss this through a virtual meeting that highlights their goals for 2021, as of writing this Voyager review.

For the most part, Voyager's future growth will hinge on expanding its existing offerings. This includes building a new debit and credit card service that'll allow users to spend their assets at established merchants. Trading-wise, we might see more complex features be opened up, such as margin trading, as well as offering more traditional banking products through its app. Otherwise, we'll see them listing new tokens that can be supported and focus more on overseas expansion.

Voyager Review – Conclusion

In closing our thoughts for this Voyager review, we can't be any less pleased with what Voyager is doing and how much value they are bringing to its users. If there's one thing we can criticize them about, it is that they're only offering these brokerage services through a mobile app.

It would be nice to jump into a full desktop or web-based interface every now and then for a bit more screen real-estate and flexibility. But overall, there's nothing that you can't do on Voyager.

It's straightforward and easy to use, from trading against 50 other cryptos, earning yields on your assets, or better managing your portfolio. From a technical standpoint, Voyager's implementation of its Smart Order Routing is very neat, too, ensuring that users will always get the best prices once they lock in a trade. And with zero trading commissions, mind.

It all just works so well, and having the security of knowing that all your assets are trusted by a regulated company is an extra plus point.

Voyager Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Project Values
  • Tokenomics Model
  • Long Term Sustainability


  • Smart Order Routing works dynamically to make sure that you can find the best and most competitive prices from exchanges.
  • Liquidity Network enables trades to be executed nigh instantaneously, ensuring quick and reliable trades to play the market.
  • Support for more than 50 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Offers decently high passive interest rates on your crypto holdings.
  • Built-in charting and real-time newsfeed tools are quite handy for making quick analysis.
  • Natively manage and track the performance of your cryptocurrency holdings and portfolio.


  • Only available as a mobile app (Android and iOS) with no support for desktop or web-based interfaces for the time being.

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