TradeSatoshi Review 2021: Crypto Exchange Security & Costs

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TTradeSatoshi is a crypto exchange that beats its competition in many ways. You can trade up to 200 coins on the platform. Making it one of the most legible crypto exchanges in the industry. Furthermore, the exchange was launched in 2015 in the United Kingdom, a location that gives it a competitive edge against other platforms. The exchange also commands a user base of up to 300, 000 registered users. The following Tradesatoshi review contains details that will help you determine whether the platform is right for you.

tradesatoshi review

Choosing the proper cryptocurrency exchange depends on several factors. Namely: trustworthiness, security, data privacy, diversity of coin listing, deposit and withdrawal costs. This TradeSatoshi review will cover more of these in-depth.

TradeSatoshi listing comprises the following popular coins.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Komodo (KMD)
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • Verge XVG, Bytom BTM
  • Stratis (STRAT)
  • Hcash (HSR)
  • ReddCoin (RDD)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Zcoin (XZC)
  • ZClassic (ZCL)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Monero (XMR)

You can check the Tradesatoshi’s website for other coins that you can trade on their platform. 

Is TradeSatoshi Right for You?

I would assume you are considering Trade Satoshi as your one-stop crypto exchange solution. If this is the case, I will provide details on the usability of the platform. Meanwhile, we will base these details upon ease of use and associated costs. 

User Interface


 New members gain access to the platform through a simple registration process that only demands email verification. Unlike several other exchanges, Trade Satoshi does not require ID and address verification. Resulting in a level of anonymity. To enhance security during the Trade Satoshi login, the exchange has implemented the famous two-factor authentication (2FA). 


The exchange has an intuitive modern website design that immediately lands you on the homepage after registration. On the homepage, there are multiple tabs for trading and the top trading pairs. A drop-down menu gives you access to live chat, a faucet to earn free coins, the latest news, and the support team. Additionally, for token project leaders can also find a button for listing evaluation on the dropdown. The drop-down menu also gives you access to your Trade satoshi balance. 

Trading Tabs 

The exchange has two options for trading. Basic and Advanced. Use the basic tab when you want to execute quick trades and display all relevant details. On the other hand, the advanced option provides further details for expert trading decisions. Either tab allows you to view real-time graphs from TradingView. 

Associated Costs

The same trading fee cuts across all markets. Trading Satoshi charges one of the smallest trading fees in the market of 0.1%. 


There is a daily withdrawal limit that is wholly dependent on the level of membership. 


The deposits fee for trade Satoshi is 0% for all coins. Cryptocurrency transfer is the only way to deposit funds into your Trade Satoshi wallet. This is because the exchange does not accept fiat currency. 


Traders with any level of technical skills can easily navigate the exchange and benefit from its services. The site is easy to use and appeals to both beginning and experienced traders. 

How to Use TradeSatoshi

Using Trade Satoshi is pretty straightforward except for a few cautionary measures that you should take. While registering your account, make sure you verify the following details: Full names, date of birth and email address.

Additionally, enable two-factor authentication to protect your account from DDoS attacks (Denial of Service attacks). Note the following additional features such as offline storage of private keys, live backups to help in the recovery of funds during emergencies and DDoS mitigation features to protect servers. 

According to the TradeSatoshi CoinMarket cap, the platform currently has a Bitcoin trading volume of $89, 472. 

Customer Support

Several customers have complained that TradeSatoshi support provides slow responses to queries. Nevertheless, you can submit a user query through the platform’s specific Discord, online ticket, twitter, and facebook profiles. If the information on the exchange’s site is anything to go by; Trade Satoshi offers customer support on a full-time basis throughout the year. 

TradeSatoshi Review: Pros and Cons

tradesatoshi pros and cons


  • 2-factor authentication
  • Descent security features
  • Easy to use
  • A diverse range of cryptocurrencies
  • Low trading fees
  • Faucet tokens 


  • Below average customer support
  • Does not support leverage trading
  • fiat deposits are not accepted
  • Does not support Ethereum
  • Low trading volumes

What are the Listing fees for Having a Project on TradeSatoshi?

Tradesatoshi listing fees for adding your coin to the platform is a meager 0.150000 BTC. A low fee compared to other leading crypto exchanges. There have been accusations that Binance charges up to $2.6 million in listing fees. 

Benefits of Using TradeSatoshi

Anonymous Trading 

Most cryptocurrency exchanges are subject to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies. However, Trade Satoshi has implemented none of the policies. Hence users are not asked to submit any means of identification such as passports, credit cards or IDs. Which makes it possible to trade on the platform anonymously. If privacy is your top priority while buying and selling crypto; Trade Satoshi should top your list. 

No Deposit Fees

There are exchanges that will require you to pay deposit fees. While withdrawal fees are the most common charge fees on crypto exchanges. It is worth noting that Trade Satoshi charges no fees, despite the amount you are depositing. 

Multiple Altcoins Platform

The fact that Trade Satoshi believes in the principles of a free market; they have listed hundreds of altcoins. In addition to listing major coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and bitcoin cash, Trade Satoshi also lists a number of small coins. The small coins could appeal to beginning traders since they cost a lot less to purchase. 

Low Fees

Costs should not be a problem while trading on Trade Satoshi. The platform charges very low fees for both buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies. Although a few other exchanges are a little cheaper, Trade Satoshi is way less expensive than 80% of crypto exchanges. The platform charges 0.1% on all coins for both the buying and selling of crypto. 

Alternatives to TradeSatoshi Exchange

Most people looking for a TradeSatoshi alternative want to benefit from prompt customer support, lower fees and a more varied listing of coins. Crypto exchange alternatives with the best customer service include Binance, Bitfinex, and Paxful. On the other hand, if you are looking for lower trading fees; Coinbase, Huobi Exchange and Binance are good solutions. 

TradeSatoshi Review Verdict

The above TradeSatoshi Review shows that the exchange is safe, easy to use and charges low fees. In addition to a live backing to provide refunds in case of eventualities, the exchange also provides anonymity. Unlike most exchanges that are subject to KYC policies (Know-Your-Customer), Trade Satoshi allows you to maintain solid anonymity on the platform. Apart from the slow customer service which will eventually respond to your query, TradeSatoshi is still an amazing crypto exchange. 

TradeSatoshi Review


TradeSatoshi is an online cryptocurrency exchange for easy access to buy, sell, or trade digital currencies like Bitcoin and other alternative coins.

  • User Interface
  • Security
  • Exchange Fees
  • Support


  • 2-factor authentication
  • Descent security features
  • Easy to use
  • A diverse range of cryptocurrencies
  • Low trading fees
  • Faucet tokens 
  • Live backing


  • Below average customer support
  • Does not support leverage trading
  • fiat deposits are not accepted
  • Does not support Ethereum
  • Low trading volumes

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Exchange Closed very quick and many clients impossibilitated to withdraw your funds….