Mogul Productions Review – DeFi for the Film Industry

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The art of making your own movie and having it shown across the silver screens of the world is never an easy task. Although platforms like YouTube or shorter forms of media such as TikTok or Instagram have opened up new avenues for would-be film creators, the nature surrounding big picture productions is always ever so opaque. In our Mogul Productions review, we're going to take a look at how the platform is trying to revolutionize how movies are financed.

After all, humankind's ingenuity has proven that each and every one of us has the potential to do great things. However, the prime limitation for a lot of even the ripest opportunities is almost always money. Thankfully, we have Mogul Productions coming along into the spotlight and working to make this daunting leap forward for new and hopeful film creators a much easier threshold to cross. Mogul Productions wants to bring DeFi, into the film industry.

Writing, casting, producing, marketing, and broadcasting a movie takes deep pockets to make, and where usually, the more affluent communities in places like Hollywood can only afford it. Mogul Productions' platform can expedite that due process and allow for any film creator, even on a shoestring budget, to earn the same opportunities as any experienced filmmaker. So, read along our Mogul Productions review to learn more about what them truly exciting.

Mogul Productions Review


What Is Mogul Productions?

Mogul Productions was founded with the goal of bringing innovation into the film industry. Oftentimes, innovation within the movies and entertainment industry often revolves around the process of making and then releasing the movies themselves. For instance, the use of advanced videography or streaming tech. However, Mogul Productions wants to help innovate through the use of decentralized blockchain technology for the ‘behind the scenes' part of moviemaking.

Through Mogul Productions, their goal is to bring better inclusion within the filmmaking business for both amateur and experienced creators within the entertainment industry. Mogul also wants to revolutionize the way film creators can now interact with their fans and allow audiences to have a better say in how movies are being created. This brings a whole new understanding of fanbase engagement and for creators to better take their inputs.

The most compelling aspect about Mogul isn't just how all creators can have equitable access to resources for their movies or creating a new channel for them to interact with their respective audiences, but also how they want to change the traditional financing model for movies. Mogul Productions wants to bring the decentralized, efficient, fair, transparent, and intelligent world of decentralized finance (DeFi) into Hollywood.

mogul productions review

Who Are The People Behind Mogul Productions?

Powered by their native STARS cryptocurrency token, Mogul Productions wants to integrate blockchain's smartness into the politics of filmmaking. Pooled together into a star-studded ensemble, Mogul Productions has members spanning across all of the movie industry, with a hugely in-depth experience in the world of entertainment. Their producers have helped create over 225 hours worth of scripted content and produced more than 95 feature films.

These productions have been showcased in some of the world's most prestigious film festivals, such as Sundance, Cannes, Venice, and more. Altogether, Mogul Productions' awe-inspiring team have raked in a total of $425-million of box office earnings between them, with even more awards to go around. This includes highly prized nominations, and awards from the Oscars, 3 Golden Globes, an Emmy, one from BAFTA, a People's Choice award, and a whole lot more.

What Can Mogul Productions Do?

By now, in our Mogul Productions review, we'll be taking a closer look at what it can actually accomplish. “What is blockchain worth, and what value does it have in the film industry?” you might ask. For a start, adopting the blockchain alone isn't an end-all and be-all solution for creating something new or trying to revolutionize a more traditional and old-fashioned industry. How it is being implemented and the brains behind it all are equally important.

This is where Mogul Productions shine by creating a new and ground-breaking platform that seamlessly bridges the gap between big money financiers, aspiring filmmakers and creators, and their enthusiastic audiences. So, for our Mogul Productions review, we'll be taking a deep dive into what Mogul Productions wants to achieve and how they're going to do it. This way, we can understand more as to what makes Mogul Productions unique.

1. Support from Experienced Hollywood Insiders and Industry Experts.

Mogul Productions certainly isn't the first platform to try and disrupt the way movies are being financed. But what makes Mogul Productions different from the rest, and what differentiates them from those platforms that have tried and failed before, is the composition of their team. Mogul Productions' development is being penned by a group comprised of experienced and influential members from across the wider entertainment business.

It includes successful Hollywood producers, entrepreneurs, actors, and other industry experts that have years, or often decades of exposure between them. Some of Mogul Productions' key members are folks like Cindy Cowan. As a producer, she was responsible for films that included the Emmy, Golden Globe, and People's Choice nominated movie If These Walls Could Talk; or the Oscar award-winning movie, Traffic, starring Michael Douglas.

Next, we have Lyriq Bent, an actor famous for his appearance in the iconic Saw movies and the hit television series; Rookie Blue and The Book of Negroes. Actor and entrepreneur James Pratt is also a member of Mogul Productions and has been involved in films such a The Battle of Long Tan. Another key team member includes David Cormican, who has been involved in projects like Tokyo Trial, Between, and The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

2. An Easy Platform for Creators to Get Support and Funding.

A major benefit of using the Mogul Productions platform is for creators to easily find and attain support for their would-be movies more conveniently. Traditionally, filmmakers would need to spend a large amount of time, energy, and their own money to find financiers to invest and back their projects. The more fortunate filmmakers might be able to fund their own creations, but the dollar threshold for getting a movie made and aired is high enough to be a deterrent.

This means that the traditional means of financing a movie isn't just intensive and stressful for any creator, especially those that are still new in the game but doesn't necessarily provide any guarantees that it'll follow through. Mogul Productions places all their upcoming projects, made by all participating creators on their platform, treating them on a more level playing field when it comes to finding financial support, and could also get easier access to Hollywood's resources.

Mogul Productions claims to have developed the world's first Continuous Organisation, a model of community-based governance to best and fairly delegate funds and to provide instant and impactful liquidity to its participants. This includes using autonomous smart contracts to fairly organize Mogul Productions' finances and incentives such as profit sharing between its members to best reward its community and to help finance creators and their projects.

mogul productions dashboard


3. A Smarter and More Insightful Platform for Financiers and Investors.

One of the more under-looked professions within the entertainment industry is the affluent financiers that sink large sums of money into helping to create films, as well as other forms of media. As we've learned earlier in our Mogul Productions review, their platform makes it easier for creators to find funding for their projects. Similarly, it also gives financiers easier access to find would-be and promising projects to invest in.

Mogul Productions' platform allows every kind of investor, even those without a lot of capital, to help finance a movie. This is a far more efficient, secure, and time-saving process. Furthermore, it allows for film financing to be transparent, and its proactive community support can give an added boost of confidence for financiers to put money into a movie. Overall, and this includes the added monetization abilities of the platform, which can reward financiers even more.

Mogul Productions' framework is sometimes referred to as decentralized film financing or DeFiFi. Its platform could let financiers gauge their potential return-on-investment (ROI) even better, such as the aforementioned ability to understand their audience's sentiment. Mogul Productions is continually optimizing its platforms, such as integrating a Chainlink oracle node to bring off-chain data on finances, thus enabling fairer profit sharing and disbursements.

4. Fans and Audiences get put Right Into the Process of Making a Movie.

Mogul Production's networking isn't just designed for the industry, however. Add to that, their ecosystem places audiences right in the middle of creating the movie itself. They are then able to give valuable feedback or suggestions for film creators and assessing their input to find tune their films. For financiers and investors, they could also use this as a new way to understand their sentiment and use hype as a variable in knowing where to best put their money.

Meanwhile, fans and cinephiles are encouraged to be active and engage meaningfully with their favorite projects. Their engagement is rewarded with Mogul Productions' STARS tokens and also enables creators to give special memorabilia to their fans, such as receiving special and movie posters, tickets for red carpet events, or exclusive backstage invitations. Within the Mogul Productions network, the audience is at the heart of the governance process.

Using a fair governance model called the Mogul Quadratic Voting, users can discuss and vote on which films they want to see get funding. This fair and transparent model of financing ensures that all filmmakers can have a chance at seeing their projects come to life. And in order to ensure absolute fairness in the voting process, each and every vote is counted with a formula that makes it exponentially difficult up upend the rest of the community.


5. Incentives for Userbase Engagement and New ways of Marketing.

As we've learned so far, Mogul Production's ecosystem encourages community participation in all aspects of a project. This engagement goes three-ways for the audience, the producers, and its investors. Resultingly, Mogul's decentralized film financing platform also has a myriad of new ways for all parties to earn something, if not just the enjoyment of watching a potential blockbuster come to life piece by piece.

By opening the doors to the powers of DeFi, the fans have new ways of earning something for their engagement, and the creators can market their films in more ways than one. Imagine, as an audience member, being able to earn special collectibles or get exclusive passes. Or for creators could market their films more effectively by creating unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and distribute merchandise to their fans. This is all powered by its native STARS tokens.


What Are Mogul Productions' STARS?

So far, in our Mogul Productions review, we've been able to cover the many ways that their blockchain-enabled decentralized film financing (DeFiFi) platform can help to disrupt the traditional funding and investing model within the film industry. Now, it's time to understand more about its expansive entertainment-based economy and how it can impact the way that movies are being financed while allowing its users to monetize them.

Mogul Production's platform is built on Ethereum. As such, its native STARS cryptocurrency tokens are built on the ERC-20 standard. It is the native currency of the Mogul Productions ecosystem, and its use is required for accessing the many features on its platform. For example, creators need STARS tokens to submit ideas and projects for their community to view. Meanwhile, audiences can use STARS to vote on which projects are to be funded.

Within the platform, users can then view projects vetted by the Mogul team and accompanying info such as what the movie is about, posters, trailers, casting, and more. STARS are awarded in return for community engagement, such as providing valuable feedback to a particular project and could also earn more STARS by staking their tokens. Alternatively, STARS cryptocurrencies can be used to spend on the Mogul Productions platform, such as buying merchandise.

What Else Can STARS Cryptocurrency Tokens Be Used For?

As of writing this Mogul Productions review (February 27th, 2021), its STARS tokens could be bought through their platform, using Ethereum (ETH) or USD Coin (USDC) as an acceptable payment method. At present, its waiting list for early access and the first tranche of STARS tokens are 26 days away. Mogul Productions have also built an in-app smart wallet, allowing you to safely store, buy, exchange, stake, or use your STARS.

As an ERC-20 token, Mogul Productions' STARS cryptocurrencies are therefore compatible with other DeFi protocols. This then opens up the opportunity for the usability of STAR tokens even wider, beyond just for use within its own economy. For instance, the Mogul Productions platform also has enthusiastic support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), where creators can mint their own NFTs, and offer collectible merchandise or memorabilia to their fans.

Initially, there will be a supply of 400-million STARS tokens to be distributed, and its supply will continue to inflate by 4% every year. As we've learned earlier in our Mogul Productions review, STARS tokens are an important currency within its ecosystem. It functions both for the platform's utility and its governance. In the latter of which, 5% of the profits from Mogul-produced movies will move into an escrow.

How the funds within this escrow can be used will be dependent based on community voting. In regards to the distribution of STARS tokens, of that 400-million STARS, it will be distributed through a few channels:


Future Distribution Of STARS Cryptocurrency Tokens.

10% for early reservations – This includes tokens sold to early Mogul Productions users.

40% for Access Pass sales – As we'll discuss in more depth later in our Mogul Productions review, you can earn STARS cryptocurrency tokens by buying into a select few Access Passes, which will also grant you access to some other special functions and rewards within the Mogul platform.

5% for Mogul growth farming campaigns – This is in partnership with the Uniswap protocol, as per a provision for the amount of fixed liquidity from Mogul Productions.

10% for incentivized growth farming – Mogul Productions have partnered with the famed Uniswap decentralized exchange protocol for liquidity farming. This is done to help along with the initial growth of Mogul Productions' tokenomics, with rewards for farmers and liquidity providers. This also has the benefit of bringing exposure to Mogul Productions for Uniswap's massive userbase, with more than 40-million STARS to be distributed to early farmers within the first 600,000 Ethereum blocks.

20% for day-to-day operations – This distribution of STARS tokens will go towards funding Mogul Productions' operations, spread across three years. This includes funding to run their day-to-day, support for new developments and future growth, and as an incentive to its managing team.

10% for marketing – Mogul Productions is also working hard towards marketing its platform for a wider audience, and STARS cryptocurrency tokens will be used for rewards, funding partnerships with influencers, and to advertise the Mogul ecosystem.

5% for ecosystem development – Mogul Productions will distribute STARS tokens to encourage growth by incentivizing users within its ecosystem and allow network participants to earn through special trivia games, challenges, and a referral program to bring more users to its platform.


What Is A Mogul Access Pass?

Following Mogul Production's explosive launch on February 18th, it has garnered over 6,000 new users within just the first 24 hours. Now, Mogul is working towards a public sale of Access Passes, with a limited window from March 25th to April 8th, 2021. At the time of writing this Mogul Productions review, there are only 2,375 Access Passes made available for early adopters and users, spread across four different tiers;

  • Tier 1 (ALL) Access Pass, with 2,000 passes
  • Tier 2 (VIP) Access Pass, with 250 passes
  • Tier 3 (Backstage) Access Pass, with 100 passes
  • Tier 4 (Red Carpet) Access Pass, with just 25 passes

An Access Pass is essentially a ticket to gain exclusive access or allowing its holders to be able to earn more rewards. With an Access Pass, you can buy unique merchandise in advance, have exclusive access to events, earn special memorabilia like NFTs or movie posters while also being awarded some STARS tokens. For example, the Tier 1 Access Pass will give its holders 5,000 STARS, while the Tier 4 Access Pass can award its holder 2,000,000 STARS.

This way, Access Pass holders can get STARS cryptocurrency tokens before other users and can have more unique interactions with a filmmaker or a project. Different tiers of Access Passes will also determine the types of rewards that you can redeem for helping to fund and support a particular movie. Tier 1 holders can earn unique NFTs, event tickets, or copies of a film, while Tier 4 holders could get as much as a title credit or a seat at the first screening.


What Are Mogul Productions' Future Roadmap Updates?

While writing this Mogul Productions review, their team is hard at work at further optimizing and adding more features to their platform following its maiden launch. They've had a smashing start to boot, with nine movies already made available on its Showcase feature and are ready financing and for its users to interact with. Very recently, more than 65 major figures within the entertainment industry have shouted praise on its Mogul Live program.

The following months of March, April, May, and June will see plenty of activity from the Mogul Productions team. Already, we're going to see a major roll-out of their highly anticipated STARS cryptocurrency tokens, further integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and the public sales of their Access Passes. Following Mogul's successful integration with Chainlink, they'll also partner up with polygon to access its Layer 2 Ethereum-based scaling solutions.

They'll also be working with Biconomy to better optimize its underlying Web3 platform. Suffice to say, there's been an incredible amount of excitement and support to see Mogul Productions, after more than two years of work and finally being made open for the public on February 18th. As a very nascent project, they no doubt will have a heavy burden on their shoulders to prove what they're capable of. As of right now, Mogul Productions has two major roadmap updates specified down the line.

The first would happen around Q1 or Q2 of 2021, and we'll be seeing a further expansion of their services. Their project will be trying to onboard new members, plan new partnerships while also launching an ambassador and partners program. Sometime between 2021 or 2022, the next roadmap update will come, as Mogul Productions will continue to expand its services and fully implement its film financing program, along with a dedicated mobile app.


Mogul Productions Review – Conclusion.

For now, though, we can begin to summarise our thoughts for this Mogul Productions review and look keenly on the next few months of its new-born existence. We can say for certain that Mogul Productions and its innovative decentralized platform is ground-breaking, and has the potential to entirely disrupt the way film financing has been done, the same way that Netflix has disrupted the way we've consumed movies.

By bringing the power of the blockchain, along with the advanced intelligence and capabilities of DeFi, Mogul Productions' decentralized film finance platform has been able to create a harmonious relationship between the audience at home, the filmmakers behind the camera, and the financiers writing the cheques. It opens up a whole new world for impactful investing, equitable content creation, and a wholesome experience overall to all its users.

Now, your Netflix and Chill sessions can be even more special, knowing that you had a hand in helping to bring it to life, giving it the attention it most deserves, and having provided that chance to a filmmaker who would otherwise never have made it through the trenches of Hollywood. With Mogul Productions, the massive and never-ending world of movies and digital media is made better by you.

Mogul Productions Review
  • User Friendliness
  • Features
  • Project Values
  • Tokenomics Model
  • Roadmap Updates


  • Provides an easy platform for everyone to take part in the script-to-screen process; such as creators needing support, or for financiers to look for new projects.
  • The platform is supported and staffed by experienced members of the entertainment industry.
  • More insightful data for filmmakers and creators, while also allowing audiences to give valuable feedback and suggestions for a film.
  • An expansive native economy powered by STARS tokens, and with wide-ranging usability such as buying or exchanging special merchandise.
  • Allows users to earn rewards, such as memorabilia collectible NFTs, or for access to exclusive events and tickets for special screenings.


  • Presently a young and immature project that has only been recently launched, awaiting further developments and network updates.

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