Earncrypto Review 2021: Legit Way to Earn Crypto?

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Earncrypto.com has been around for quite some time. The original platform apparently started in late 2016, and their social media platforms hail from 2017. Earncrypto.com is a website where you can earn cryptocurrency by completing a variety of tasks, similar to other rewards websites like Swagbucks. In this Earncrypto review, we will be looking at the platform and analyzing whether or not it's legit, seeing how it works and determines if it's a scam or not.

Anyone can create an account on Earncrypto, and many people have apparently been paid. However, people have also had many issues with missed and faulty payments from the company, and many Earncrypto reviews consider the website a scam.

In this Earncrypto review, we will try to compile various opinions from around the internet to see if the platform is a scam or not. There are not many official sources from where to draw information, so much of what you read about Earncrypto will come from public opinion.

The website itself is still in construction, and their About Us page does not display any relevant information. This lack of information is what people most take into consideration when it comes to opening an account in Earncrypto.

After all, the website, though easy-to-browse and understand, looks somewhat empty and outdated, which does not paint a good picture for the company behind it. Aside from their main page, there is a Twitter account from 2017 that posts somewhat regularly, but there are no official Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Their subreddit is from the year 2013, but it hasn't been very active and does not have more than 200 members. Nonetheless, there are abundant posts with referral links and reviews that do provide some interesting information for prospect users of the platform.


What Is Earncrypto.com?

The platform invites people to complete small tasks to earn cryptocurrency. These tasks might include watching videos, answering surveys, clicking on advertisements, and downloading apps. The company also advertises small data entry jobs and crypto deals that users can complete for more rewards.

You can redeem cryptocurrency in your personal wallet or exchange. According to the official website, the platform offers unlimited earning amounts in more than a hundred currencies. This scheme is what makes it attractive to users, and one of their taglines describes their operation as a lot better than mining.


Of all the available tasks, downloading apps could yield the highest number of individual rewards. However, you also have to complete various tasks within the apps that you download, to produce activity. This makes the time you spend on this reward considerably higher than watching video content, which gives significantly fewer points.

The website not only promises you rewards in cryptocurrency, but it also offers to teach people who to open and maintain a wallet. However, there are no discernible guides that you can follow when using the platform itself. The only bit of information that you receive upon creating the account is that each point earned within the website translates to 0.0000009 Bitcoin.

You can set your preferred currency in your profile, with Bitcoin being the default currency for new users. Apart from that, you can get rewards in other cryptocurrencies like DogeCoin, Dash, Ethereum, IOTA, LiteCoin, Monero, Ripple, and ZCash. In fact, many of the most recent users report on this platform come from the DogeCoin subreddit.

Other considerations for users: withdrawing your points to cryptocurrency does come with a fee, usually some points. The minimum fee lowers when you link your PayPal account, but not by much.

Earncrypto Review: Legit or a Scam?

The first question you will find in every recent Earncrypto review. When you look at it for the first time, the Earncrypto platform does not immediately raise any red flags. The website has a DDoS clearance that you have to go through, but this in itself is not a bad thing. Many other websites with similar purposes do that as well.

The website does not have any faulty copy or non-working pages, which would be better indicators of a scam. It isn't poorly constructed, apart from its simple user interface. The only thing that's missing from your profile is a support channel, which has indeed raised concerns among users. However, there is support via email, at the bottom of the homepage. Deleting your account is also very easy, and there is a direct link in your profile settings.

These features add to the conclusion reached by most recent customer opinions that factored into this Earncrypto review: the working platform of the website is legitimate, but they might not be able to handle their userbase very well. This does not mean that users are to blame, but rather that the website could have some internal problems that lead to people not getting their cryptocurrency rewards.


Are there any good reviews of Earncrypto?

If you search the Internet you will still see a lot of posts advertising Earncrypto.com, but most of them will be people offering referral links. Most people seem to earn most of their points by sharing their links or watching videos. This might present a problem for some countries, as the videos are not available to watch worldwide.

Earncrypto also only allows one account per device, IP, or household. Their advertisers also put some regulations in place to avoid sending the same ad twice to the same user. When you add the survey problem to this one, it seems like starting up an account is a bad investment.

If you have a lot of free time, you might have a better experience, but there are a lot of roadblocks for someone looking to earn cryptocurrency. Earncrypto does not have a mobile app for either Android or iOS, which also currently means just using your laptop or desktop as a means of earning. Since most recent PTC platforms (even Swagbucks) have already moved into mobile apps, this leaves Earncrypto far behind in terms of development.


Can you earn Bitcoin from Surveys in Earncrypto?

Short answer, yes. You can apply to answer surveys that payout in points, and you can in theory exchange those points for Bitcoin. There doesn't seem to be any problem with this part. The issue might lie on whether you are lucky enough to not experience any problems when using the platform. Most users recommend staying away from downloading apps since many of them have malware in them.

There are also many Earncrypto hacks that people advertised a few years ago, though it is hard to find any information on them. There haven't been any official updates from Earncrypto on this matter as well.

Also, if you're thinking about how to earn cryptocurrency, surveys might not be your best option. Most users find out that completing these surveys can be very time-consuming. Most recent reports point to between 5 and 30 minutes for each survey. This also raises the concern of not being accepted for surveys. Other places like Swagbucks, once again, also suffer from this issue.

Also, as you can see in the image below, you will have to complete a pre-survey questionnaire. This is common in places that offer you the chance to answer surveys. You input your personal information, and the system selects surveys that might pertain to you personally.


How to answer the pre-survey questionnaire

You have to give information like marital status, family data, ethnicity, and address. The website asks that you answer the questions honestly, noting that survey partners might ask the same questions before giving access to a survey. If your answers don't match, they can disqualify you from the survey.

However, in this Earncrypto review, it wouldn't be fair if we didn't reveal that users falsify this information constantly. In fact, you might find online guides that tell you how to answer. By creating an online persona with certain traits, many people believe that you can game the system for more surveys. Of course, the evidence of these methods working is hearsay.

People from other countries might also have a hard time answering surveys, even though Earncrypto.com accepts all countries. There is a Spanish version of the questionnaire, so other languages might be available.

However, most of the surveys, as reported by users, heavily cater to Americans. This might present a cultural barrier for some people, which might lead to more denied surveys.


Other ways to earn money in Earncrypto.com

This Earncrypto review wouldn't be complete if we didn't explore all the ways you can earn on the platform, so let's look at all the options that Earncrypto offers to get points. You can access them in your main menu.

1. Earn Offers

The first option you will encounter is the Earn Offers part. You will need to complete the survey questionnaire to get access. After that, you will receive a code via email that you need to input to start earning. You also have to disable your AdBlock, as you would in other rewards websites.

The Earn Offers part works as the main area for getting points without filtering by the task. There are nine tasks ‘offer walls' that you can access, with a top-three marked in gold, silver, and bronze as top offer walls. These are Wannads (first place), OfferToro (second), and AdWall (third).

We created a test account and answered the questionnaire in both English and Spanish. Using the same answers in both questionnaires we created a profile to look for surveys. There was only one result, as you can see in the image below. Qualifying for that survey and answering it completely awards 18 points.

earncrypto surveys

2. Complete Jobs

Aside from the Earn Offers part, you can also apply to complete jobs. Users from the platform create these jobs, so there aren't many of them available. You can create your own jobs to earn crypto via referral links, but you'll have to be lucky to find posted jobs. Since the demand is so low, users snatch them away very quickly.

earncrypto jobs

3. Data Entry

You have to complete a short tutorial to get into the Data Entry section. Earncrypto uses a user interface called Type is Money. Most jobs on this platform, according to the official website, are available between 10 pm and 7 am EST.

Completing the tutorial leads you to the main screen, where you will input several small pieces of text. They are usually names, addresses, and other bits of personal information. You earn PP for every correct input that you make, but PP is not the same as Earncrypto points. PP only works in the Data Entry section, and 200 PP is equal to 1 Earncrypto point, or 0.0000010 BTC.

earncrypto data entry

Earncrypto pays users once per day for all the activities that they complete the day before. They pay them at 3 pm EST for the activity done between “12 am EST and 12 pm EST,” as you can see on their official website. Users can earn Bitcoin without reaching 200 PP, however. The site will pay them as long as they earn more than 10 PP in one day.

This platform might appear confusing for some users: it looks just as simplistic as the rest of the website. It even has some spelling mistakes on its copy, but they PP earning system does work, and you can see your balance every time you click on Finish in the top right. This ends the session and you can do it anytime you want.


4. Crowdflower Tasks

This option is for general tasks that don't have to do with data entry. They can get their jobs from three sources: SuperRewards, Wannads, and Personally. You have to create a SuperRewards account to access their tasks, and you have to complete the questionnaire to see the ones from Wannads.

Personally offers the same choices as to when you first log in to Earncrypto: you can use them to answer surveys, open accounts for points, and downloading apps. Their rewards seem high when compared to SuperRewads and Wannads, and there are lots of tasks readily available.

earn crypto review tasks


Earncrypto Review Conclusion

There is a need for more information on this platform. Most of what users currently see comes from public avenues like Reddit. The Earncrypto platform has only its user's side when it comes to disputing claims. The official support channel has been marked as unreliable, but some other users report no problems at all with the platform.

Since this is the current reality with Earncrypto, users should be wary of the promises made by the platform. The word “free” can translate into hours of work. It is quite easy to get disqualified from surveys, even if users do construct an online persona that gives them more survey options.

Earncrypto draws many comparisons with Coinbase, another haven for people looking to earn “free cryptocurrency.” Users, however, might better look to Coinbase and other entry-level methods of earning cryptocurrency to avoid problems.

Coinbase also has a better track record when it comes to actually teach crypto to its users. As we stated earlier, Earncrypto also advertises education in cryptocurrency for its users, but there aren't any resources readily available (as of 2019).

Public opinion currently drives most of what we just discussed in this Earncrypto review, but most of them are from 2018, and others extend as far behind as 2015. Unless more favorable reviews surface, we can't paint a very good picture of its worth as a platform.

Earncrypto Review


Earncrypto is a unique tool to earn cryptocurrency passively. But with new services like Coinbase, they now face some stiff competition. Given how little they pay per task, it may not even be worth your time.

  • Variety of tasks
  • Value-for-time
  • User interface
  • Public sentiment


  • Can earn crypto for free
  • Many users


  • Payments are low
  • Average user interface

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