Dash Wallet Review (DASH) – Should You Even Bother in 2021?

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Going outside our homes, we always carry money around us to ensure that we can continue our desired transactions and do what we want with our money right away. Although, we don't walk with cold, hard cash with our bare hands, do we? Instead, we put it somewhere secure, such as a wallet, a purse, or maybe even in a secret pocket.

Nevertheless, you can never be too careful with your money, and it is wise to put it where it is safe. Dash Wallet follows the same principle, giving you the leverage to have your cryptocurrency transactions fast, accessible, and secure – join us on our comprehensive Dash Wallet review for 2021.

Dash Wallet Review

Dash Wallet enables you to send, receive, store, and exchange your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. On top of that, the network fees are lower than most cryptocurrencies, and there are no additional centralized costs. Dash Wallet works with several crypto tokens and blockchain wallets, and you can now have control over your funds at the tip of your fingers.

Like any other applications we use, searching for the appropriate one that fits us is a plus to ensure a better experience. Similarly, choosing a cryptocurrency wallet might be a hard choice as there are tons of available options in the marketplace, and it is utterly crucial to make the right choice. However, there is no need to make a fuss about it, as we've got you covered with this Dash Wallet review, which goes over all of the things you need to know.

What is Dash (DASH) Wallet?

Dash Wallet is maintained by Dash Core Group, the leading developer of Dash, a cryptocurrency that has a goal to fix the flaws that other cryptocurrencies are suffering from. DASH targets to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments system in the world.

It operates on a system of Masternodes to allow things such as; optional privacy, a direct funding mechanism to promote network growth, and instant transactions. Dash is digital cash designed to offer financial freedom, and since 2014 when it was created, it has pioneered and is the leading decentralized payment solution.

In relation, Dash Wallet is connected directly to Dash network. Dash Wallet is an open-source cryptocurrency that allows users to store, buy, and sell DASH instantly without needing other applications for transactions and cryptocurrency exchanges. Dash Wallet has its wallet infrastructure where transaction fees are almost negligible, which creates a smooth-sailing ride.

It enhances user experiences to exchange DASH through the push of a few buttons. While having complete control over your digital cash, it also provides security and takes off your worries, ensuring fast, inexpensive, and secure transactions.

Who can use Dash (DASH) Wallet?

Dash Wallet is a free app that anyone who wishes to buy and sell DASH and other compatible crypto tokens can be used. Moreover, users can thoroughly enjoy the experience from the features being offered by Dash Wallet. If you are looking to seize control over your funds while keeping them secured, Dash Wallet is for you.

What is in Dash (DASH) Wallet?

Before starting your cryptocurrency adventures, using Dash Wallet will give you leverage to store and send your DASH. Moreover, Dash Wallet is connected to the Dash network which means that you don’t need to worry about getting hacked or being attacked by malware or any other related problems.

The Dash Wallet is extremely convenient and effective, and it is safe to say that comparable to credit cards in which transactions can occur and can be done within a matter of seconds without the need to depend on a central authority. This is made possible by a technical basis of masternode, which can call a quorum to confirm whether a transaction is valid. If a transaction is valid, the masternodes “lock” the inputs and pass the information into the system. This ensures that the transaction has entered the next block.

Features of Dash (DASH) Wallet

Numerous wallet options are available around crypto-communities nowadays that range from ultra-secure cold storage hardware wallets, to paper wallet generators, to mobile wallets you can use on the go. A reliable wallet like Dash Wallet may be a perfect middle-ground for even the most enthusiastic cryptocurrency investors and traders. Like with any crypto wallet, Dash Wallet offers an ideal harmony between security and convenience when using your cryptocurrency investments. Some notable features of Dash Wallet are presented below:

P2P: Systems are directly connected; this allows for files to be shared now between systems on the network without the necessity for a central server.

Instant Send: Allows Dash to instantly transfer money without confirmation and inclusion of payment data in the blockchain.

Private Send: This system is limited to splitting the transactions and includes combining the shares. It allows privacy and creates transactions much safer and more comfortable.

Security: Having an encrypted wallet lets you have an easier time; also, the Dash Wallet is connected to the Dash network, so even losing or damaging your device is not a big deal as you can recover your funds via the personal recovery phase.

How to install Dash (DASH) Wallet

It's critical to know how to install and how a desktop wallet works underneath to avoid potential loss of funds. However, setting up a desktop wallet is closely similar to a mobile wallet. Once you've picked a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to run the software to begin the set-up process.

The steps on how to install Dash Wallet are listed below:

  1. Start by going to the official Dash website with an address of https://www.dash.org/.
  2. Then, once you proceed, you'll see two keys to “Get Dash,” and the other one is for “All Wallets.” Select the All Wallets option and proceed to the page to download your choice of wallet for storing DASH.
  3. Once you’ve entered the “All Wallets,” you'll be able to see the Desktop wallets section right at the top. Click on the appropriate tab for your operating system.
  4. After downloading the installer, go ahead and click the button to run, and you'll find yourself in the Dash Wallet Installation Wizard.
  5. Follow the wizard instructions, and once it is installed, it will appear on the screen where you need to click to finish the installation.
  6. You may encounter a pop-up of blocking from the firewall, but just select and click “allow access” and let the installer run. A couple of minutes later, a screen synching the Dash blockchain will be presented.
  7. After the wallet has finished syncing, it would be a good idea to encrypt the wallet. Note that it needs ten characters with a combination of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and special symbols.
  8. After you've typed your passphrase, click “ok,” another pop-up will show telling you the risks of losing your passphrase. Click “yes” to that dialogue, and the wallet will begin to encrypt itself.
  9. The wallet will need to close itself, and a pop-up will show letting you know about that. Just click “ok,” and the wallet will close. Afterwards, you can re-open your wallet.

Alternatives for Dash (DASH) Wallet

Dash Wallet is not the only wallet in the market that can store DASH. Also, there are multiple wallets available out there that offer a different edge. Dash Wallet is directly connected to the Dash network. However, there are other options that you can choose from to store your Dash. Listed below are alternatives for the Dash Wallet:

Jaxx Liberty Wallet: Can manage 80 different cryptocurrencies, including DASH. This wallet was developed by the company of Anthony Di Lorio, co-founder of Ethereum, and it is updated regularly. Aside from a prominent developer, it has some great features such as; a multi-blockchain explorer, latest news, and current market data.  It does not support the Dash instant send feature.

Coinomi: Aside from DASH, it supports more than 275 cryptocurrencies. This wallet is completely free of charge, the wallet can be downloaded on the mobile version for iOS and android or for desktop. It has a unique feature, which is your IP address is encrypted and not stored on an external server.

Exodus: It has an attractive UI and gives your portfolio a complete pie-chart, it supports 11 major coins and is completely free to use. Exodus is the first desktop wallet to have the Shapeshift built-in exchanging cryptocurrencies, and this allows you to convert one crypto into another in a matter of seconds. Although, Exodus does not support the  Dash InstantSend/PrivateSend feature.

Additional Information

It is important to note that Dash Wallet will download a complete copy of the DASH blockchain, which will take up to 11 GB of space. You'll need to secure at least that much space, and probably more, as storage size will increase over time. Moreover, the wallet should continuously synchronize with the blockchain. Hence, it would be best if you had enough memory to run the wallet.

Dash Core Group also offers Dash Wallet for android and iOS. It supports Dash specific functions, and they offer the clients the advantage not to download the entire blockchain. Although, this platform does not offer support for Private send.

Dash Wallet Review – Conclusion

To wrap things up, there are lots of crypto wallets available in the market. However, in storing DASH, we can say that Dash Wallet is one of the best possible choices as it is developed and maintained by the Dash Core Group. As the name suggests, it is directly connected to the Dash network, and therefore, you can ensure that you are always on the go and updated with the latest news and updates regarding Dash.

Today, cryptocurrencies serve a significant purpose in a market worth more than a quarter-billion dollars. So crypto traders and investors must choose the best wallet platform to provide outstanding service in keeping their funds. In conclusion, advantages and disadvantages are present in using the Dash Wallet and other crypto wallets. It all comes to test what we think is best for us and how a particular application can make us feel and experience. The most important decision is the user's choice and preference of his or her wallet.

Dash Wallet Review
  • Fees
  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Features


  • High-End Security
  • Fast Transaction
  • Optional Privacy
  • Ensures Anonymity


  •  It May be Abused for Some Illegal Activities.
  • Several Bugs
  • Requires a Lot of Memory

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