Crypto Capital Review 2021: Legit Trading Bot or a Scam?

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Crypto Capital is a cryptocurrency trading bot that enables traders to deposit and withdraw fiat funds instantaneously. The Fiat platform is private, supports the crypto blockchain, and allows trading. Finding a balanced Crypto Capital review can be troubling, considering not many people are even aware of this crypto platform. Some claim it’s a scam while others argue over its authenticity with trading proof to back their statements.

This review will not only get you familiar with Crypto Capital but also explains some of the reasons why this new software is regarded as a scam by a sizable portion of crypto society. We will also explore some of the ways that this bot can help you, such as the ability to deposit cash in any currency of your choice. Crypto traders are always on the lookout for the best trading bot to ensure they make as much profit as possible on their initial investment. 

crypto capital review

However, most trading bots are a scam, and allegedly, Crypto Capital is one of the said bots.

How accurate is the Crypto Capital scam claim?

This would not be a proper Crypto Capital review without, firstly, addressing the legitimacy of the bot in this discussion. There are several public live test results as well as reviews regarding this trading bot. As such, gauging its effect even as a novice trader is easy, considering many people have already traded using the crypto robot. One of the most misleading statistics regarding Crypto Capital is its accuracy level. 

With an accuracy level of lower than 5%, new traders can easily lose their money. Seeing $250 is what most people use as seed money, we can understand the frustration when a trader loses it all in under an hour. As a trading platform, you would also expect trading information with relation to cryptocurrency, but the official crypto trader website does not provide such data. The primary mission of the bot is to help connect fiat and crypto traders and make it easy to access their digital assets regardless of their location.

Allegedly, you can generate up to $5,000 daily when using Crypto Capital to trade. It might seem like a stretch, but people are making well over $1,000 per day using expert bots and a deposit of a meager $250. Considering how hard it is to replicate the same success with Crypto Capital, it is very easy to brand the trading bot a scam. Be careful when accessing scam sites, especially if they require your financial details, as they expose your information to hackers.

is Crypto Capital legit, or is it a scam?

Almost every Crypto Capital review in existence is bashing Crypto Capital due to its inability to guarantee profits to its traders. However, there is a portion of traders that have made money through the trading bot. Then again, even betting companies roll out the winners in wonderful fashion to lure potential betting enthusiasts to their websites. As such, the best way to determine whether the Crypto Capital trading robot is legit is by looking at the numbers that have used the platform and their experiences.

Our Crypto Capital review required factual data, so we explored the official Crypto Capital website. According to the website, Crypto Capital allegedly uses state-of-the-art algorithms that help when generating and executing trading signals. As such, traders can only make money from the imbalance created when crypto markets rise or fall. Perhaps the algorithms are not available to the traders or the general public, because there is no evidence of the same on the website.

 At the moment, not many people have used the Crypto Capital trading bot; here is how it works. After depositing funds into your account and selecting the ‘trade’ option, the website redirects you to another site. The latter is the trading site with the algorithms meant to increase your chances of winning. However, crypto traders lose their money fast on the web-trading platform, with roughly 99% of them claiming to have lost their money in a matter of minutes or hours.

As much as the Crypto Capital website looks sophisticated and professional, it is tough to prove its legitimacy based on these online reviews.

What gives the platform away as a scam?

Lately, scam websites have taken a professional approach to make it easy to convince potential victims. As such, their websites are well presented and managed to give out the allure of professionalism. Others are too lazy and are simply knockoffs of the original version. Crypto Capital looks like one of the said websites considering the similarities it has when compared to Crypto Advantage, another trading bot.

Not to say, the latter is a verified trading platform; if anything, it is also a scamming site. These websites might look similar arguably because the same people own them. An experienced eye is required when looking for a crypto trading website. If you do not trust your judgment, read online analyses such as our Crypto Capital review for 2019. It is better to be sure of a trading bot and lose your money than join a scamming site and lose not only your money but your personal information as well.

According to the official website, Crypto Capital was started in 2013. That is enough time to focus on marketing, and considering a lot of people were new to cryptocurrency, the robot should have a more prominent reputation online by now. Legitimate trading bots can be distinguished easily and are widely known.  Crypto Capital does not even have an identifiable team such as the ones found in verified platforms such as Bitcoin Code. These loopholes, plus the numerous negative comments on almost every Crypto Capital review online, show this trading robot is not to be trusted.

Does Crypto Capital have any partners or brokers?

Not every Crypto Capital review will go as far as highlighting the people that help run the site considering most of them deem it a scam. As aforementioned, most people deposit $250 for trading, which seems to be the standard Crypto Capital fees for traders. Crypto Capital is not linked with any verified broker, which is common for trading sites. The ones listed on their official website are hard to locate, fuelling the fire to the claim that the site is a scam.

Verifiable brokers are required to not only protect your deposit but also increase your chances of winning. Trading bots are also supposed to be well regulated with hi-tech computer algorithms to offer insight on crypto trading. Algorithms are better than human calculation, seeing they provide a higher possibility of winning. However, if the algorithms are nonexistent or fake, as is the case with Crypto Capital, traders are better at analyzing the trading patterns by themselves.

Without any brokers or an algorithm to help analyze big data, Crypto Capital is simply another website looking to steal your hard-earned cash. If the founders wanted to get more clients, perhaps they should have added algorithms, which can boost accuracy levels to even 99%, as is the case with Bitcoin Rush. Such high accuracy levels mean a trader can make money in roughly nine out of every ten trading attempts.

More reasons we don't like it

Perhaps the saddest thing when it comes to Crypto Capital is the marketing efforts put in place by affiliate marketers to popularize the platform. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money even though scamming. A good number of people came to know about Crypto Capital either through spam email or a Crypto Capital review such as this one.  The advantage of knowing the platform through the latter is you will not lose money; instead, you will gain valuable information.

Spam mail is packaged to get your heart pumping with expectation as you plot what to do with the projected prize money. Any website that uses spam mail for advertising its services has very high chances of being a scamming site. Not to mention, after depositing your money on the trading platform, you cannot withdraw it. The only option left is trading, which is a sure way for the site owners to take your money.

The sign-up process used by Crypto Capital is very unsafe. Any site that allows scammers to send offers on its platform does not respect the safety of its users. Other than enabling spam sites to post offers, Crypto Capital also tries to deduct money from your credit card without your authorization. More so, some of the details required during the registration process make no sense. However, while it might seem like a way to ensure the website has all the necessary information, it is also a way to get all your personal and banking information without breaking a sweat.

Crypto Capital Review: Final verdict

Like we said earlier on in this Crypto Capital review, very few people have approved this trading platform. All the online reviews, as well as the pointers mentioned above, such as the lack of brokers or the unavailability of user safety, are irrefutable traits of a scam robot. How can a trading bot come without the appropriate trading technology? If you do not want to lose your cash, do not join this or any suspicious crypto trading platform.

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Crypto Capital Review


Crypto Capital is an automatic cryptocurrency trading bot that promises to take all of the profits made from trading and share it with the users.

  • Interface
  • Profit Potential
  • Trade Fees
  • Support


  • Decent web outlook


  • No brokers
  • Bad reputation
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No profits
  • No user safety

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