Belt Finance Review 2021: [Can Speed and Low Fees Win the Race?]

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Getting your money to work for you is how smart money makes more money. Over the past 12 months, the crypto sphere has embraced this idea with a range of DeFi platforms allowing crypto holders to borrow and lend their coins.

Belt Finance is the latest platform to make a play in this market. Belt Finance was launched on 21 April 2021, with mining starting the following day.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain, Belt Finance benefits from the inexpensive gas fees and fast transaction times of BSB. Many of Belt Finance's direct competitors run on Ethereum, which is currently very expensive and also slower than BSB. Is this advantage enough to make Belt Finance the best DeFi option available? Read this Belt Finance review to find out.

What Is Belt Finance?

Belt Finance is a decentralized platform where users can stake their crypto to earn money through interest. By staking your coins on Belt Finance, you can generate passive income in the form of daily interest.

Belt Finance and the protocol was created by the Ozys blockchain company. These have a proven record in the DeFi space as a member of Klaytn Governance Council. Klaytn has worked with Binance, Huboi, and LG; this is no cowboy operation.

Belt Finance is a platform taking on the role traditionally occupied by banks. It allows users to store their money (coins) in exchange for interest. The interest rates are higher than traditional banks, though.

Belt Finance pays users their rewards in the platform's native token, BELT. This token can then be staked to generate extra income, converted into another token, or transferred off the platform to another wallet or exchange.

To incentivize the use of the BELT token, the highest rewards come from staking BELT. At the time of writing, staking BELT tokens on the platform generates a yearly interest rate of more than 170%.

Who Is This Product For?

Belt Finance will suit people looking for a platform where they can stake their crypto to earn substantial interest. It must be stated again that Belt Finance is currently in the BETA phase. That means, although the platform is live, it is still being tested.

There is a chance you could lose some or even all of your money. However, if you're lucky enough to have some coins that you can afford to lose, there is a chance to make big money using Belt Finance. It should also be pointed out that the platform has been running well in the month that it has been online.

belt finance review

Belt Finance is perfect for anyone looking to take control of their own finances without having to use a bank. It's also great for crypto holders who want to earn extra money on their coins but don't know how to trade or don't want to run the risk of being liquidated.

The high interest rates that users can find on Belt Finance are obviously the main reason to stake your money here. 143% annual returns are outrageous. It's hard to imagine this lasting forever, but early investors and people ready to move now stand to make great profits from Belt Finance. These high rewards require you to stake using the native BELT token.

Acquiring some of the BELT tokens is another interesting reason for investing in the Belt Finance platform. We've seen other native tokens become very valuable in line with the success of the platform. A good example of this is the Yearn.Finance token, Yearn. This token went from under $1,000 to over $80,000, thanks to the success of the platform. BELT is currently trading at $27, and there is every chance the price will continue to rise.

Users who don't want to stake using the BELT token should consider whether it is worth staking on Belt Fiance. Staking other coins gives rewards of around 7%. This is decent but not much better than many other rival platforms. It also needs to be weighed against the risk of staking on a platform that remains in BETA test mode.

Belt Finance is a user-friendly platform that crypto users will have no trouble navigating around. The layout is clear and uncluttered, making it very easy to find your bearings. Customer Support can be reached through Twitter and Telegram pages, and a Medium page offers detailed breakdowns of the products available.

Belt finance is non-custodial. This means that you are the only person who can remove your coins from the platform or move them to another pool.

What's Included

By depositing your coins onto Belt Finance, you instantly gain access to all the yield services offered. Belt Finance uses the analogy of a Passive Vault. In essence, you only need to put your coins into their vault, and they take care of sourcing the best yields. They will create a portfolio of coins that offer you the best returns without you needing to do anything more than depositing your coins.

This is the same principle employed by traditional investment favorites, ETFs. These funds will take your money and invest them in a group of stocks. By moving your money into different stocks, you are avoiding the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is a tried and trusted strategy, and Belt Finance is using it to offer strong returns for its investors.

Belt Finance is free to use, the only requirement is that you transfer crypto into your Belt Finance account. Once your money has been received, you are ready to start earning interest on your crypto coins.

Overview of Features

Creating an account on Belt Finance gives you access to all their staking pools and a chance to earn high interest by converting tokens into BELT.

Belt Finance has some handy features to make getting the most out of the platform easy.

At the top-right of the page is a link to connect your crypto wallet directly to Belt Finance. Belt Finance is currently compatible with Binance Smart Chain, Wallet Connect, and D`CENT. More Wallets are likely to be added as the platform grows. Once you have connected your wallet to Belt Finance, you are ready to start earning interest.

A little lower, you will find an easy way to buy the BELT token. By clicking Buy Belt, you can quickly and easily purchase the BELT token. This will give you the highest returns when staking. As we mentioned above, staking via BELT is the main reason for using Belt Finance, so this is something you will want to do.

At the time of writing, Belt Finance doesn't have an app. It's understood that there are plans for an app to be released after the BETA test phase has been completed.

Using the Belt Finance platform will be easy for anyone who has been in crypto for a little while. The site layout is easy to understand, with the main features listed at the top of the screen. There is a help box for FAQs and a Live Chat option for further queries.


There are other DeFi platforms offering a similar service to Belt Finance. These offer users a chance to stake coins to earn interest.

There is one main difference between Belt Finance and most of its rivals. This is that Belt Finance does not currently offer users the chance to borrow against their crypto. Anyone looking to do that will need to use another DeFi platform.

However, most people using the platform will be more interested in the high-interest rates on offer, so this disadvantage isn't critical.

Some of the top alternatives to consider are:


MyConstant is a competitor to Belt Finance. It allows you to take out loans and earn interest in fiat, stablecoins, and crypto. Interest rates go up to 11% when you use the PRV token. This is obviously good but a long way short of Belt Finance returns.


AAVE has a good reputation; it has been around for a while and was previously known as ETHLend You can earn money on different stablecoins. Interest rates can be as high as 9%.  AAVE isn't quite as easy to use as Belt Finance and requires you to connect your own wallet with their platform. Using AAVE gives you more security, but the rewards are also lower.

Belt Finance Review – Conclusion

Belt Finance is fast with low fees. While other platforms have the first-mover advantage, Belt Finance might end up winning in the long run. This is because in the case of Belt Finance, starting later might turn out to be an advantage.

Most DeFi platforms are built on Ethereum, which is now slow and very expensive. Belt Finance could see the problems with Ethereum DeFi, and build on Binance Smart Chain, instead.

This has given them an advantage in terms of price and speed over rivals. This bodes well for the long-term success of Belt Finance.

The main reason for using Belt Finance is the great returns. The interest rates at the moment are unbeatable.

There are some reasons for caution, though. The main one is that the platform is still in BETA mode. Bugs are still being ironed out and could impact your coins.

Understanding this, if you still want to put some money on Belt Finance, it's a good idea to listen to your gut. If the amount of money you want to stake makes you feel nervous, then it's too much. Put up only what you can afford to lose. Your long-term bags and savings should never be risked.

Belt Finance is a welcome addition to the DeFi space, and users able to tolerate some risk have a chance to make some nice returns. It will be interesting to watch the platform development, and once the BETA test phase is over, Belt Finance will surely be a major player.

Belt Finance Review
  • Security of Coin
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality
  • Features


  • Earn interest on your crypto holdings.
  • Staking BELT token generates APR of more than 170%.
  • Faster and with lower fees than rival platforms running on Ethereum.
  • Audited by SOOHOO, the blockchain security company.


  • Price volatility can be a problem.
  • Questions remain about how long the high-interest rates will last.
  • Binance platform is not fully regulated in the United States.
  •  The platform is still in the BETA phase.

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