Generate More Organic Awareness For Your Crypto Project With Our 5-Step SEO Strategy

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What are the benefits of our 5-Article SEO Package?

A specific call-to-action that directs our readers to your website

In each article we will include a specific call-to-action that users can take to follow-up on their interested in your project.

Control the public sentiment of your project

By controlling the content people see when they research your project, you can ensure a positive first impression.

A consistent flow of organic traffic from Google

Once our articles start ranking, it's likely that they'll start generating organic search traffic through Google.

A credible endorsement from a growing crypto media website

In the past year we have become one of the fastest growing websites in the crypto space. Coverage on our website can help lend credibility to your project.

Here are some of the keywords that we rank for on the first page of Google…

Here are our current traffic numbers…

(Please note: these traffic numbers are increasing quickly so there is a good chance they can be higher than what you see here)

Here Are The 5 Key Articles We Suggest Writing About Each Crypto Project…

1. Project review article
2. Project vs. competitor article
3. Project coin price prediction article
4. “How to” project article
5. “Best category” list article


Review articles are crucial for ensuring a positive first impression.

In a review article, one of our in-house writers will dig into the fundamentals of your project and give an honest evaluation based on various factors such as; the roadmap, team, execution, community, use case, etc…

Of course, we will work with you directly to ensure we highlight things that you want to be featured.

We will also include a clear call-to-action for the reader to learn more about your project.


Highlight your strengths over your competition.

When someone is curious about whether or not they should invest in a particular project or token they almost always search for A vs. B comparison guides.

We like to stay a step ahead of the game by comparing your project to your most direct competitor and then highlighting why your project is better, superior or different.

These types of articles helps solidify that your projects is the leader in its respective vertical.


Show the upside potential of your project.

When a potential investor is looking to invest in a particular project, they are mostly curious about what the potential upside could be for them.

They usually want to know what the price could be in 1, 2, or 5 years from now.

We have a specific formula for evaluating the potential price growth for a particular coin and can work with your team to ensure this is reflected accurately based on your future plans.


Provide step-by-step instructions to potential investors.

When it comes to attracting new users in the crypto space, complexity is your enemy.

That's why we like to publish step-by-step “how to” guides to help people who are interested in your project, take the next steps to getting more involved.

Whether that is using your app, buying your token, staking, etc… we can strategically craft content to help you provide actionable next steps to your users.


Appear as the best option.

Most crypto projects fall into a certain category (i.e. wallets, exchanges, blockchains, protocols, apps, etc…).

Crypto users often search for “best list” type articles.

Our objective is to write a “best” type list for your specific niche and then place your project as the #1 option.

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Still have some questions?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, since we need to invest a lot of time and money into assigning writers to your articles we cannot offer a money-back guarantee.

That said, we will absolutely work with you by providing unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with each article!

Can I pay in crypto?

Absolutely! Actually, we prefer that. You can pay with any of the major cryptocurrencies directly on the checkout page.

If you prefer to pay with your native token, just send me an email at ben [at] and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Can I choose my own topics?

Absolutely! The 5 article topics are simply a recommendation based on our experience in the SEO space. But, of course, you are free to select your own topics for each article.

Do you accept casino project?

Unfortunately not​. We do not write about any casino, gambling, or any other illegal/grey-area projects in the crypto space.