WAX NFTs Update #1 – Maths, Cats, Hot Rods, Cowboys, Cute Alpacas, And Samurais Aplenty!

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NFTs have risen out of nowhere to become the hottest and most sought-after items since the first iPhone. Everyone and their mother wants in on NFTs (non-fungible tokens), either to create and sell them for potentially life-changing millions or to buy and keep them as part of a collection. From precious artwork to collectible merchandise, from games and trading cards, NFTs are everywhere. The best NFTs are being launched on WAX (without question) – a blockchain specifically built for this purpose.

The WAX ecosystem is flexing their muscles with a score of new and unique NFT collections, made by some of the best artists and brands in the world. They've already had folks like Topps help them to launch MLB baseball cards, Alien Worlds (the most played gaming dApp of all time), as well as partnerships with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Godzilla, Deadmau5, Atari, Capcom, and their Street Fighter franchise, Funko's timeless figurines, and more.

It's not just the big A-list celebrities and companies that are on it, too. Independent creators have built entire collections on WAX, like the ones by Bitcoin Origins, Blockchain Heroes, Kogs, or the charity-driven Uplift Art. But a lot more projects are now keen to build their own NFTs on WAX. In today's WAX update, we're going to share some of the most exciting NFTs that are ready and waiting – or are still hot off the grill – to make their way onto the burgeoning WAX network…

Square Rooted – Radical Mathematical Powers To Save Your Glitched NFTs

“Your favorite NFTs have been glitched and locked away in a space known as the Radical. A card game, once for kids, is the only way to get them out.”

That's all you need to know about Square Rooted. Using the unique blends of a provable rarity with NFTs and digitally animated cards puts the players in the middle of a fun and engaging puzzle of maths and problem-solving. You start off with the most basic card, displaying the number “2”.

Once there, you can add those cards together – 2 x “2” cards will get you a “4”, and 2 x “4” cards will net you an “8”. You can keep adding these cards together up until its peak at 1,024, using Square Rooted's blending mechanic. Be wary, however, as your cards can become glitched once exposed to a Radical card, as you make your way through the Square Root and number cards.

Either way, the puzzles will be more than worth it, as you'll get the chance to win special Creator Collab cards and Collab Packs. Both contain distinct cards with artwork that you can start collecting, made in collaboration with artists around the world. The most recent addition is the Derpy Cats Collection, where you can win from 512 packs in total, containing illustrations and sketches.


Crypto Moonies – Space-Age NFT Figurines

So, how do you one-up CryptoKitties, and their game of breeding cats? Well, you hop onto WAX and play around with Crypto Moonies, where you send those kitties into space, and watch them float around adorably. With the aim of making cute NFT-bound figurines, Creek launched Crypto Moonies, with its many distinct designs and patterns.

These figurines celebrate many of the famed names and ecosystems within blockchain and crypto, such as Satoshi, Polkadot, Cardano, Binance, WAX, and more, and each one with a clever name. A new Crypto Moonies collection – specifically collection #009 – will be dropped soon, and we do wonder which chain or cryptocurrency it might celebrate this time around.


Hot Rod Studio – The Best Of Americana And V8 Muscle

It wasn't long ago that people fondly collected Hot Wheels and Matchbox toy cars. In our digital age, we wonder if NFTs will be the new replacement for that. Not as tangible, but equally as fun and unique to collect and be proud of. This is where Hot Rod Studio comes into play with their mini-series of collectible NFTs featuring some of the finest American muscle cars of past generations.

Powering straight through from the 60s and 70s, we have famous V8-powered automobiles from the likes of the Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang Shelby, the original Camaro, Chevy Nova, the Mach 1 Mustang, a Chevelle SS, Dodge Charger, and a whole lot more. Plenty of muscle cars and hot rods to be had soon, with a new card set to join the collection very soon.


HODLGod And Dark Country Collab – Cowboys. Werewolves. And A Lot Of Monsters!

These two are very different games altogether. HODLGod is a AAA player-versus-player (PVP) style adventure and fighting game, where the new era of NFTs has brought with it play-to-earn and other unique mechanics that are never easily possible before. In-game items are all NFTs, where you can buy armor, items, and in-game items in your quest to collect all the Immortal Shards.

On the other hand, Dark Country is a trading card game, based around a gothic American theme of cowboys battling otherworldly monsters and demons. In-game items, like potions, spell books, pieces of land, as well as your heroes are all NFT-native cards. More exciting than either of these two games is the fact that both HODLGod and Dark Country are planning a collab.

Two of the bigger among NFT-based games on WAX working together will surely stir up a treat. With this collaboration, it'll feature new and unique characters, with traits shared between both worlds. Although you, unfortunately, won't be able to use any of those character cards in either game, they'd still be rare and cool enough to be a part of a collection.


AlpacaWorlds – An Alpaca's Adventures Around The World

Another cute NFT addition to the WAX ecosystem is courtesy of AlpacaWorlds – a story-driven NFT art collection. The legend starts with Apu, the god of the mountains. In the underworld of the gods, Apu's mystical daughter is the caretaker of Alpacas but has been struggling to care for them. So, Apu allowed her to marry a herdsman that she fell in love with while in the upper world.

After a while, the herdsman fell homesick and wanted to return home. Apu agreed to let him go back, but under one condition: the herdsman must care for the alpacas while he's in the physical realm, and especially one of a tiny alpaca that he had to carry with him. However, that promise wasn't kept, and Apu's daughter went back to bring all those alpacas into the underworld.

Some alpacas, unfortunately, couldn't follow her. But when they heard a rumor that she might return, some of the alpacas went on a chase to find her. This is where AlpacaWorlds begins for you, as you can start collecting hand-drawn NFT cards showing a herd of Alpacas traveling around the world to find their lost mistress. The story is still ongoing, so you could be a part of that journey.


Ishiki Arata – Living Through The Lives Of The Samurai

WAX NFT update

Rounding off our highlight of just a few of the NFT collections that are soon to drop on WAX is done by Ishiki Arata, with a rare and collectible artwork in the Samurai Collection, featuring seven of the most legendary samurai in Japan's history. The first of these drops, featuring an iconic samurai warrior from the 16th-century, Miyamoto Musashi, sold out almost instantly.

Clearly, there's a hit with these notorious samurais. The next two collections to drop will be based on Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, both of whom were rivals that fought countless battles against each other back in the day. Ishiki Arata's collection includes cards with different rarities, as well as an ultra-rate Immortal Samurai, blending all seven of the samurais together.


A Lot More To Come On WAX…

This list by itself could not possibly include every single NFT collection that is prime for a big drop on the WAX blockchain, as it would itself be a complete novel by that point. There's a lot more that we've not had the chance to discuss, like Stocci‘s very sensual and erotic (but still more or less safe-for-work, SFW) artwork, or Miles Johnston's awesome art collections that are currently being shown off through his From Dust collection on LGND.art.

How about Armies of Power, where you can collect trading cards to accrue your military might to battle against other players, or the adorably pixelated and animated dogs on CryptoPups, and perhaps a bit of old-school nostalgia of showing off playing cards with your friends at the school playground with collectible superhero packs from Gods and Legends. In short, there's absolutely no shortage of NFTs that are planning their maiden launch on the WAX network.

Either made by novices such as ourselves, independent creators, or even big brands, WAX has become a new go-to blockchain network for all things non-fungible, from million-dollar art pieces, games, all sorts of trading and playing cards, even onto music and literature, and a whole lot more. Whatever your fancy might be, you'll be sure to find one just for you on the WAX blockchain, with sheer diversity compounded by a keenly enthusiastic community driving it forwards.

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