Alien Worlds & Topps’ MLB NFTs To Launch On WAX!

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A new hot trend has officially arrived… NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. What was once born as a way to give online artwork a certifiable proof of ownership – and to prove what blockchains can do outside of boring ol' financial stuff – has now turned into a billion-dollar unicorn. Each passing day, we have new entrants into the world of NFTs, with Alien Worlds and the MLB being the latest ones to capitalize on the hotness of NFTs, now launching on the WAX blockchain.

WAX – or the Worldwide Asset eXchange – is the so-called “King of NFTs”, and no doubt they've become the largest and most popular non-Ethereum base for non-fungible tokens. With premier brands and A-list celebrities partnering up with WAX to launch new NFT collections, it's no wonder that they could sell out entire sets with hundreds or thousands of unique NFTs within minutes. Already, there are more than 10,000,000 NFTs minted on WAX's marketplace, AtomicHub.

And with the addition of new rare and collectible MLB baseball cards, and an interactive space-fantasy metaverse with Alien Worlds, that family of WAX-borne NFTs is growing ever stronger…

Collect And Trade Official Topps MLB NFT Baseball Cards.

Topps is one of the oldest collectibles and memorabilia companies in the world, and this is hardly their first non-fungible rodeo on WAX. To commemorate 70 years of partnership between Topps and the Major League Baseball in releasing officially licensed baseball cards, they'll now be launching a collection of NFTs featuring a piece of America's favorite pastime on WAX. This is prime to be the new big hit in sporting cards, following Dapper Labs' release of NBA Top Shot NFTs.

Over in basketball land, those NBA cards have accrued more than $500-million in sales so far. So, be sure to keep a close eye on WAX and Topps' MLB “Series 1” collection when it goes online on April 20th, if you don't want to miss out. You can find any one of your favorite baseball players here and choose from one of two ‘Series 1' packs…

Standard Packs – Sold for $5 each, this pack includes 6 cards and is limited to 50,000 cards in total. There's a 78.11% chance that you'll get a common card.

Premium Packs – Sold for $100 each, this pack includes a whopping 45 cards and is just limited to 24,090 packs worldwide. Aside from a greater chance to get rarer and more special cards, a Premium pack also contains unique exclusives.

But if you pull the trigger quickly enough after reading this, know that the first 10,000 WAX users to sign up for the MLB collection will receive a special edition, Topps MLB Opening Day NFT pack. Once you have your hands on those shiny Topps-built, WAX-powered, MLB NFT cards, feel free to collect them till the end of time or trade it with others. Compared to NBA's Top Shot NFTs with their fancy short video clips, Topps' recreation of MLB baseball cards will stay true to the original.

Taking advantage of their digitalized nature, the more special and unique cards will have animated backgrounds and holographic effects along the frame. Otherwise, the classic playing card format remains as true to form as it has been for decades. But now, you can be certain that you are indeed the owner of a truly (and certifiably) rare baseball card thanks to the magic of WAX's blockchain.

Aside from the unique 70th-anniversary MLB cards, they will feature the Rainbow & Independence Day cards, as well as recreations of the classically iconic Topps 1952 and '86 recreations… Now brought back to life in digital form. WAX and Topps will also be hosting “Burn To Earn”, where you could “burn” or trade-in 5 select base MLB cards in an event lasting 5-weeks, where you can stand the chance to earn those exclusively old-school Topps 1952-style cards, featuring modern players.

Take Part In Alien Worlds, The World's Largest Gaming dApp On WAX.

If you'd like to instead try something more space-age than baseball cards, then there's ample good news for you here. Alien Worlds is a metaverse where you can roam the endless boundaries of space, mine for ores, own a chunk of land on a distant planet, and battle other players to win NFTs. Now launching on WAX, Alien Worlds is the 2nd largest dApp (decentralized application), and the largest among dApp games, with more than 161,000 players around the world.

Practically every item in the game is an NFT card, enabling players to compete with one another for glory and loot which, thanks to NFTs, can be of value here in the real world. Across the stars, there are a wide number of Alien Worlds NFTs on WAX…

Lands – A collection of NFTs that represent pieces of land on the many planets in Alien Worlds. You're going to need some land to mine for ores, which you can either do by your lonesome, or charge other players a commission to help extract those ores for you.

Tools – Each player starts off with a shovel, which as you can imagine, isn't the best tool in space. Players can get different, more powerful tools to help them on their adventures or for their intergalactic mining operations from packs, or by finding it across the vast universe of Alien Worlds.

Minions – Space can be quite lonely, so it's nice that Alien Worlds offers players the ability to collect their own minions. Though rather than accompanying you on long-haul flights, you can instead battle other players' minions in the Thunderdome, and earn even more NFT loot.

Weapons – Although there is a lot to see and enjoy when you're floating in zero gravity, not every player you come across in Alien Worlds might be friendly. So, it's handy to have an NFT-minted weapon lying around, just in case, to help explorers better win against their adversaries.

Avatars – All players will need some way for others to recognize them while in-game, hence why you can extensively customize your own avatars on Alien Worlds. Even better still, you can buy and trade avatars as NFTs, just in case you're feeling a bit bored with your default character.

Although, there's a lot more to Alien Worlds than an NFT game. Bridging the gap with decentralized finance (DeFi), players can play a greater role within the in-game economy with Alien Worlds' Trillium cryptocurrencies. These tokens are distinct in that they can be transferred across three unique blockchains; Ethereum, Binance Chain, and of course, WAX. Using these space-age cryptos, you can buy or sell NFTs, while also taking part in DAOs to influence the game's politics.

Currently, Alien Worlds can be played on WAX following plenty of ongoing small improvements and refinements. In these updates which should be rolling around soon, there will be new events and tweaks to the NFT incentives and distribution. Further ahead, Alien Worlds will be gifting its players with interactive and immersive storylines, the Thunderdome arena for players to battle one another, new NFTs, new planets and terraforming, quests, farming, and a whole heap of new features.

What Else Is There On WAX?

Oh, you didn't think that was it, did you? Although the new Topps MLB baseball cards and Alien Worlds NFT metaverse game are hugely exciting news, there's a much wider world on WAX that we've barely scratched the surface. Here are just a few examples of other awesome NFT collections you can find on WAX.

Street Fighter II Enters The Blockchain.

In one of WAX's most successful NFT collections ever, the arcade classic game, Street Fighter II launched a series of collectible cards featuring its most iconic characters to celebrate 30 years since its launch in 1991. Its entire collection was sold out on WAX in just 24 hours, raising an eye-watering $2-million in sales.

But these Street Fighter II NFTs are more than just cards that you can collect or trade with other players. Thanks to a sprinkle of magic by WAX, you can interact with them through a unique crafting system. Here, you can combine one or more character cards to create an even more special, unique, and powerful card with your favorite Street Fighter II character.

Celebrate The Cult Of Godzilla On WAX.

Another masterpiece by Topps, you can now buy one of many collectible cards featuring the king of the monsters in the flesh on WAX. From 160 unique Godzilla packs now for sale – each pack has four cards – Topps will immortalize the cult icon, Godzilla (including Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla), in a number of unique cards in distinct styles, from animated cards, comic covers, original illustrations, Chibi-style animations, or the classic Topps rookie cards.

Peek Through Leonard Nimoy's Life Through NFTs.

Famed for playing Spock on Star Trek, you can now buy unique memorabilia featuring the life of Hollywood actor, the late Leonard Nimoy. These unseen memoirs and personal pictures of Nimoy's life behind the silver screens span across 255 unique cards. This is in fact the second collection of NFTs launched to celebrate an actor featured on Star Trek, after WAX had recently sold out a William Shatner memorabilia collection where 125,000 photos were sold out in just 9 minutes.

What's Next For WAX?

It's quite apparent that the hype train for NFTs isn't slowing down any time soon, and WAX's Topps MLB and Alien Worlds collections are hardly the end of the tunnel. We've just learned that Funko is planning to launch its adorable figurines as NFTs on the WAX blockchain. And it's not as though other brands and projects aren't waiting in line to list their own special collections on WAX, as we've seen a huge wave of them not too long ago.

Within just a few short months, WAX has hosted a huge number of NFT collections, including Topps' own Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) franchise (which sold 240,000 cards in just 67-minutes!), Deadmau5 and their line of RAREZ merchandise, as well as iconic box art from Atari's memorable games that gave us smiles 40 years ago. Not to mention loads of other smaller, independent projects on WAX from Bitcoin Origins, Blockchain Heroes, Uplift Art, or Kogs.

Suffice to say, WAX is presenting itself as a strong contender in the new and emerging NFT market as an early pioneer, so if you're at all intrigued at this space, WAX is something you should keep an eye on in the near future. If you'd like to learn more about WAX, you can read the in-depth review we wrote about them (including the many cool projects they were working on), as well as have a gander at how you too can easily make your own NFTs on WAX.

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