Where to Buy Vertcoin (VTC) Instantly: [Full Beginners Guide]

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Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we handle our money, and while there are so many on the market already, we are here to let you know where to buy Vertcoin. If you’re new to the world of trading cryptocurrencies, you have probably heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, you should also be aware of Vertcoin.

It’s a reorganized currency that hopes to discourage ASIC mining in favor of mining with a GPU. This detail makes these coins much more democratic because anyone can mine easily from their computers at home.

In comparison, Bitcoin is now dominated by ASIC mining, which makes it hard to produce any real money these days. Vertcoin was created in 2014, which makes it an old-timer in the world of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it has had time to prove its reliability, although most people mine it instead of investing online. Regardless, you want to learn where to buy Vertcoin, and that’s what we’re going to show you.

Where to Buy Vertcoin


The best part of Vertcoin is that it maintains a decentralized approach, where users hold all the cards instead of mining conglomerates. The reason is that it has an ASIC-resistant algorithm, and while other cryptocurrencies have tried to apply such a method, Vertcoin is the best at it. 

Its algorithm adapts to stay ahead of ASIC miners. Therefore, GPU mining is given priority so that users can do it from their PCs or video cards. 


First of all, you will need a wallet to keep your Vertcoin, and luckily, their official one can be found here. However, other wallets such as Electrum and Coinomi support the currency, while some hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S do as well. 

Where to Buy Vertcoin the Best Wallet


Now that you know the benefits and have a wallet for your cryptocurrency, it’s time to discover where to buy Vertcoin! It would help if you found the best-suited exchange platform for you. There are several exchanges to choose from, like Dove Wallet, QBTC, YoBit, Altilly, SouthXchange, and more. But here are our top recommendations:


A beneficial aspect of this exchange is that its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 2013 by former security experts from Microsoft. It’s another giant in the industry that accepts almost all kinds of cryptocurrencies out there. 

At one point, they had so many traders that Bittrex had to ban any new clients from the platform, which was unfortunate for anyone starting in the world of crypto coins. Luckily, they are back, and anyone can get their account quickly. 

Another great benefit of Bittrex is that they have a standard fee for trading, also known as “flat fees”. It currently sits at 0.25%.



This exchange is from South Korea, and it has a long-standing partnership with Bittrex. Since its launch in 2017, they rose to the top of the crypto-coin trading market. In 2018, they started growing towards Southeast Asia. By the end of that year, they began working in Singapore, and in 2019, they had operations in Indonesia. 

As of writing, they are ranked 3rd in the world and the first in South Korea. They are also verified by the Blockchain Transparency Institute, which makes it one of the most reliable trading services out there. 

In terms of fees, UpBit has different ones depending on your transaction. The taker fee is 0.25%, while the maker fee is 0.025%. Furthermore, they have a withdrawal fee of 0.0005BTC. 



This blockchain platform is based in Europe, and it has been working with crypto coins since 2013. Their two main markets deal with BTC and USC. Since it doesn’t accept fiat funds, the external transactions are handled in cryptocurrency. 

Therefore, it’s a great place to keep things anonymous and get everything done quickly. The benefit of using this platform is the low commissions, as it’s only 0.1% for orders. When it comes to withdrawals, it depends on the token. But it’s usually 1%. 

They also support many altcoins such as Ripple and Docademic, aside from the leading ones on the market like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


  • Setup an account in Bittrex. You can do this easily right here. They will ask for personal information such as date of birth and home address. The site also requires a private document to verify your identity. It could be a passport or your driver’s license. 

How to Buy Vertcoin with Bittrex

  • Put some money into your account. Bittrex allows transactions with USD, Bitcoin, and many other altcoins. 
  • If you want to put USD, however, you have to be approved for fiat trading, and it needs to be from a bank account that filled the application.  
  • You will later have to check if your account has been whitelisted. In your Bittrex account, go to Holdings Tabs and click on “US Dollar.” Select Withdraw on the Actions section. A list of every approved bank account with appear. 
  • You have to generate your USD deposit code, which you will need for all wire transfers from thereon. You also have to add it to the note field of your bank when wiring.  
  • The site says that you should go directly to your bank to make your first wire transfer so that they can assist you further. 
  • If you don’t want to wait to use USD directly, we recommend using Bitcoin or Ethereum. For now, let’s use Bitcoin: 
  • Go to your Bittrex account. 
  • Click on the plus sign next to the Bittrex Bitcoin wallet. You have to send Bitcoin from the Wallet where you bought it (such as Coinbase or Local Bitcoins) to the one in Bittrex.
  • Once the Bitcoin appears in your Bittrex Wallet, click on Ƀ Markets on the top and write VTC. 
  • You will see the Vertcoin market page. So, it’s time to put an order. 
  • If you want to spend all the Bitcoin you sent, set the Units to Max on the Buy Vertcoin panel. 
  • Select the Price drop-down menu and then Last or Ask. 
  • Click Buy Vertcoin and confirm the order.
  • You can see the status of Orders. 
  • Once the transaction is done, you will see the Vertcoin you bought in the Wallet. 
  • You can send it to your Vertcoin Wallet.

Vertcoin Core


You might also be wondering how much Vertcoin is worth in USD, which is another concern if you want to invest in this cryptocurrency. 

Walletinvestor.com says that the conversion rate is:

USD to Vertcoin

Meanwhile, here is the conversion rate for Bitcoin:

Vertcoin to Bitcoin


Now that we know where to buy Vertcoin and how it’s time to find out if it’s a good investment. One of the benefits that users rave about when it comes to Vertcoin is the great developing team.

It’s also an utterly community-based coin. While many cryptocurrencies have a community-feel to them, Vertcoin is on a whole other level.

This money does not belong to a corporation, bank, or government. Everything is run by volunteers, who sometimes take donations. Anyone can join in and start trading to earn money. However, it takes time.

Do Vertcoin Worth

You have to work hard at it, but it’s worth it, especially because of the decentralized characteristic of Vertcoin.

In terms of value, Vertcoin has never surpassed $10 per coin. However, the many benefits it has in comparison to Bitcoin makes experts think that it could rise well above other altcoins in the future. On the other hand, it might take a few years.

Meanwhile, for 2020, most predictions indicate that it might fall from its current value.

Here is Walletinvestor.com’s 1-Year projection for Vertcoin:

Vertcoin 1 Year Forecast 

Vertcoin Chart

It’s a tricky right now. But you shouldn’t let that discourage you. Vertcoin is an excellent way to learn how to trade in small numbers and on your own. To surpass its competitor, the crypto coin has to improve its software. There’s tons of potential.

Additionally, you can check out their community on Reddit, where users are always ready to answer questions and explain more. Since it’s a decentralized currency, it’s a great idea to join it and receive updates that way.


Now that you know where to buy Vertcoin, it’s time to decide whether you want to go forward or not. Vertcoin is still a bourgeoning crypto coin with lots of possibilities for the future, despite what current predictions say.

There are many options when it comes to Wallets, which is perfect because you can choose the most convenient for you. Maybe you already have a favorite Wallet for other currencies, and it’s great if you can use the same for Vertcoin.

Furthermore, you have your pick of exchanges, including some of the best in the market. Most folks are already very familiar with Bittrex, which makes things much easier in the long run. It also accepts fiat funds, and some users find that rather beneficial for their needs.

Users that have Bitcoin already can exchange pretty fast, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

For now, it’s not the kind of currency that will jump overnight and make you rich. It’s the kind where you have to work, sweat, and understand trading to make money. Luckily, hard work never hurt anyone. Go for it!

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