How To Buy Celsius (CEL) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

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The monopolistic control of the big banks and Wall Street institutions is now facing upheaval, as we've come to see more and more alternative financial platforms and services being created for the masses. As we'll learn a bit more in our how to buy Celsius guide, this revolution is certainly not coming to an end anytime soon, with the Celsius Network merging the beauty of cryptocurrencies and new-age banking into the mainstream.

Celsius's motto is quite simply, ‘un-bank yourself.' Although rather brief, it sends a strong message to the peoples of the world that you'll no longer have to subject yourself to the traditional rules of the banking system. The world is changing, and Celsius wants to be a part of that change by offering each user on its network every financial service and benefit you could possibly ever need, powered by cryptocurrencies.

You can earn far more interest per year on Celsius than what ordinary banks would offer you on your savings and with far lower rates on easy loans there, too. There's no lengthy paperwork or red-tape caught in every single transaction, and you have the power to pay and send money to anyone around the world with ease. As a bank, Celsius is as equitable as it can be to its users. So, read our how to buy Celsius guide to learn more about this awesome platform.


1. Go To HitBTC, and click on ‘Sign Up' to create a new account.
2. Complete the registration process, email authentication, and set-up 2-factor authentication (2FA). Optionally, have your account verified.
3. Click on ‘Deposit' and choose to make purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat or to deposit straight as cryptocurrency into your HitBTC wallet.
4. If you're choosing to buy with fiat, then click on ‘Deposit' and then ‘Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card' to purchase either BTC or Ethereum (ETH).
5. If you're depositing with cryptocurrencies, then click on ‘Deposit,' find the cryptocurrency that you wish to deposit, and then click on the ‘+' symbol under Deposit.
6. Once you have cryptocurrencies in your HitBTC wallet, click on ‘Exchange' to open up the trading interface and search for “CEL” under the ‘Instruments' panel. Now, choose which trading pair to buy CEL with, and input your preferred buying price and amount.

Where To Buy Celsius (CEL) – Top 5 Exchanges

According to CoinMarketCap's ranking system, Celsius's native CEL tokens are among the more valuable cryptocurrencies on the market, ranked at #58 at the time of writing this how to buy Celsius guide. Moreover, the Celsius Network is a top-rated service, with more than 430,000 users worldwide on its financial platform. However, it isn't easy to find CEL tokens on any cryptocurrency exchange.

The easiest method would be to use the Celsius Network itself. You can easily register for an account on Celsius by downloading its mobile app, made available for Android and iOS. From there, you can use a credit card to easily make a purchase of CEL tokens. Meanwhile, third-party exchange support is minimal compared to many major cryptocurrencies, seeing that even more unknown tokens have been listed on these major marketplaces.

These include cryptocurrencies with significantly less market capitalization than Celsius' CEL. Whatever the reason may be, it will be much harder to find exchange support for buying, selling, or trading Celsius CEL tokens on a ubiquitous cryptocurrency exchange. This is a shame since some users want to have exposure to CEL's growth without actually being part of Celsius's platform.

Thankfully, there are at least a handful of exchanges that list CEL tokens for those folk. So, for our how to buy Celsius guide here, we'll be listing the top-five best marketplaces for you to find CEL tokens for sale. Note, you can always use sites such as CoinMarketCap, or CoinGecko to find the full, comprehensive list of all the cryptocurrency exchanges that list CEL tokens.

NameDeposit MethodBuy

  • Bank transfer (ACH)
  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Debit card
  • Wire transfer
Rating: 5

How To Buy Celsius CEL Cryptocurrency Tokens Banking Financial Services Exchange - Uniswap
  • Crypto
Rating: 5

How To Buy Celsius CEL Cryptocurrency Tokens Banking Financial Services Exchange - FTX
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • TransferWise
  • Crypto
Rating: 5

How To Buy Celsius CEL Cryptocurrency Tokens Banking Financial Services Exchange - HitBTC
  • Crypto
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Paypal
Rating: 5

How To Buy Celsius CEL Cryptocurrency Tokens Banking Financial Services Exchange - 1inch
  • Crypto
Rating: 5

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Buy Celsius

As we've mentioned before, buying CEL tokens is relatively difficult outside of the Celsius Network's platform. As of writing this how to buy Celsius guide, none of the major exchanges – Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, OKEx, KuCoin, etc. – have yet to list CEL tokens on their marketplaces.

As far as liquidity goes, the ironically named Liquid exchange has the lion's share of CEL's trading volume compared to other marketplaces.

Nearly 50% of the trading volume for all CEL tokens on third-party exchanges is being recorded on Liquid, according to CoinMarketCap's data. So, the primary choice if you'd plan on buying Celsius CEL tokens would be on Liquid for optimal liquidity.

However, our demonstration on how to buy Celsius today would actually be done using HitBTC. This is owing to the simplicity in having to undergo the process of actually going about to buy Celsius and its CEL tokens.

HitBTC also includes easy on-ramp options for fiat currencies. In our list earlier, those other exchanges are larger and can offer more services. However, they can also be harder to use for casual users or newcomers.

Liquid and FTX both require account verification for KYC/AML compliance before enabling you to use its fiat deposit and payment options, while Uniswap and 1inch only support cryptocurrency deposits.

So, if you are a more knowledgeable user, or if you're planning to make a deposit with cryptocurrencies anyways, then feel free to use either of those options. For our how to buy Celsius guide here, we'll use HitBTC to give you the best possible all-round step-by-step scenario, and one that works for most other exchanges. Similar processes should also apply familiarly with other exchanges, as well.

Step 1-2: Register for an Account on HitBTC

First and foremost, we'll be needing to create a new account on the HitBTC exchange. Now, before we start interacting with anything on HitBTC, be sure that you've visited the correct webpage, as there are many malicious sites that try to emulate legitimate ones to prey on online users. Sites like those can steal personal data or siphon off viruses and all sorts of malware into your computer.

The simplest way to know if you've visited the real HitBTC site or a fake one is to check the URL address and see if there are any spelling mistakes. If the URL says “,” “,” or anything like that, then this is not the actual HitBTC website.

Or, you could just use the links we've provided earlier to make this easy. Now, once you're on the main HitBTC page, notice the big red tab along the upper right-hand side that says ‘Sign Up.'

Click this, and follow along the on-screen instructions to go about opening up an account on HitBTC. It's simple, and we highly suggest that you use a complex password. Another important thing to note before we continue on our how to buy Celsius guide is that HitBTC – just like every other cryptocurrency exchange – is free to open an account. This is a contrast to opening up a bank account, as they often require a small initial deposit beforehand.

Once you've gone through the initial registration phase, HitBTC will send over an authentication link to your email address. This is normal, as with any other online service, just to verify that you're actually authorizing for an account to be opened under that email address. Find the email in your inbox, click on the provided authentication link, and this should direct you back to HitBTC to fully complete the registration.

Now, just before we do anything else, we would also recommend that you consider turning on 2-factor authentication (2FA) on your HitBTC account settings (accessible along the top right-hand side as a gear icon after logging in). This is an optional step, but it will help to increase the security of your account. You can then use an authenticator app, such as Google's Authenticator, to manage your 2FA credentials with HitBTC.

Now, you'll be asked to verify using 2FA for actions such as logging into your account or withdrawing funds from HitBTC. This makes sure that only you can authorize these actions to take place. Another optional step would be to get your account verified by sending over personal details and documentation to HitBTC. This is only required if you're planning to trade with large volumes, which is not necessary for our how to buy Celsius guide.

Step 3: Select your Preferred Deposit Option into your HitBTC Wallet

Next up in our how to buy Celsius guide, we'll be needing to deposit some funds into your HitBTC exchange wallet before we can start buying CEL tokens. This can be done in one of both ways. Firstly, you can choose to use your credit card to make a direct purchase on HitBTC for a select number of cryptocurrencies. We can, later on, convert those cryptocurrencies into Celsius' CEL tokens.

This is recommended if you don't have any spare cryptocurrencies lying around. The second method would be to make a simple deposit of your cryptocurrency tokens into HitBTC. We can then swap those cryptocurrencies into CEL tokens. The latter option is easier, as it enables you to avoid having to pay processing fees for buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card. For our how to buy Celsius guide, we'll give you both scenarios.

Step 4: Buy Cryptocurrencies Using your Credit Card

This is the first of the two aforementioned options for depositing some funds into your HitBTC account. We can only use a credit card since HitBTC does not yet support a direct fiat currency deposit. As of writing this how to buy Celsius guide, you only have the option for buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card. So, let us pay attention to the upper navigational banner on the HitBTC website.

You'll notice the ‘Deposit' tab on the upper right-hand side, with the green text and a small ‘+' symbol. Click that, and it should take you to your HitBTC wallet. Alternatively, you can also click on the ‘Account' tab on the upper left-hand side. Within the wallet page, you'll also likely notice the big banner up on the upper section saying, ‘Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card.' Click this, and it will direct you to another page.

Now, you will see a new interface, this time allowing you to choose which fiat currency you prefer to use with your credit card purchase, the number of cryptocurrencies you'd like to buy, and which payments provider you'd want to pick. Currently, the payment providers are Moonpay and Banxa, supporting both VISA and Mastercard credit cards. ApplePay is also supported.

Note, however, that at the time of writing this how to buy Celsius guide, the options for buying cryptocurrencies using a credit card on HitBTC are only limited to just Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). So, take your pick, and decide on how much of Bitcoin or Ethereum you'd want to buy using your credit card, and follow the on-screen instructions as needed. Next, we shall skip to Step 6 and see how we can convert that new Bitcoin and Ethereum into Celsius' CEL.

Step 5: Deposit Cryptocurrencies into HitBTC

This step in our how to buy Celsius guide marks the secondary option, whereby you can fund your HitBTC wallet with a direct deposit of cryptocurrencies. This is a far easier option. Before we go straight ahead, however, please take note that CEL tokens' trading pairs on HitBTC are only limited to just Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, to make things simpler, deposit only Bitcoin or Ethereum to HitBTC if you're planning to buy CEL.

Now, let us click again on that green ‘Deposit' sign along the upper right-hand side of the HitBTC website (or the ‘Account' tab on the upper left), and it will take us back to your wallet. Now, go through the list of cryptocurrencies, or use the search bar up on the top right of the list, to find the cryptocurrency that you're planning to deposit with. Again, for our how to buy Celsius guide, we recommend Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) deposits to avoid any more swapping.

Let's say we take Bitcoin as one scenario. Find Bitcoin – or its ticker symbol, ‘BTC' – and click on the ‘+' symbol under the ‘Deposit' column on the table. Now, you'll be shown a QR code and a long address. Be sure you double-check to ensure that you've selected the correct cryptocurrency. In order for you to receive Bitcoin deposits into your HitBTC wallet, you will have to withdraw Bitcoin from another account or wallet elsewhere.

For instance, if you make a withdrawal of Ethereum (ETH) and deposit that into a Bitcoin address, your Ethereum might be lost and cannot be retrieved. Now, copy over the Bitcoin deposit address you see on HitBTC, and then paste it into the withdrawal page at wherever you're withdrawing Bitcoin from. Cryptocurrency addresses are often long and comprise a complex mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Double-check this address, and make sure that not a single character is missing, as that could risk you failing the transfer or sending your cryptocurrency tokens to someone else's wallet by mistake. To make this process easier, you could just scan the QR code. For example, if you're withdrawing Bitcoin from a mobile wallet app on your phone, simply scan the QR code you see on the HitBTC deposit page, and that should automatically input the right address.

Now, just deposit your preferred amount of Bitcoin as per our example, and wait for the deposit to fully process. We can now trade those Bitcoins for Celsius' CEL tokens in our next step. Note that some other cryptocurrencies might require additional details for the deposit process on HitBTC. This could be extra tagging or IDs to more properly identify the transfer. The same applies here; just copy over the corresponding data word-for-word and double-check.

Step 6: Trade Cryptocurrencies to Buy Celsius (CEL)

By now, you should have some funds in your HitBTC, either you've deposited it as a cryptocurrency from another account elsewhere or if you've made a purchase of crypto tokens using a credit card. The final process in our how to buy Celsius guide would be to buy CEL tokens on HitBTC through its exchange. On the navigational tabs on the HitBTC webpage, find and click on ‘Exchange,' which is placed on the upper left-hand side.

This will direct you to the main trading interface for buying, selling, and exchange cryptocurrencies. The interface itself is divided into separate “panels” or “windows” to make things easier. Under the ‘Instruments' window, use the search bar and type in ‘CEL.' This will find us all available trading pairs for Celsius' CEL tokens on HitBTC. Also, be sure to click around the tabs underneath the search bar to find all the pairs that are mated to CEL tokens.

As we mentioned much earlier in our how to buy Celsius guide, there are only two trading pairs made available for CEL tokens right now – CEL/BTC and CEL/ETH. If you haven't deposited Bitcoin or Ethereum into your HitBTC wallet, then you'll need to exchange whatever cryptocurrency you have into either BTC or ETH. Now, let us move onto the ‘Buy CEL' window next to the ‘Instruments' window.

As an example, let's say you want to buy Celsius tokens using Bitcoin. You can choose to buy CEL tokens on HitBTC either by ‘Market,' ‘Limit,' or ‘Scaled' trading. For most of us, we'll pay attention to the former two. ‘Market' trading will instantly and automatically buy CEL based on the available market prices, according to the order books at the time of purchase. This will only require one input from you, and that is the amount of Bitcoin you want to exchange for CEL.

This is easy and hassle-free compared to ‘Limit' trading. However, it also doesn't give you much control, and how much CEL you get will depend on the market prices. For more control, click on the ‘Limit' tab, where you can have more options to gain the market prices and the order books. You can put your preferred buying price and let that order sit on HitBTC's exchange until the order book has someone selling CEL at the corresponding price.

Best Wallets To Hold Celsius (CEL)

If you've come this far in our how to buy Celsius guide, then congratulations, as you've now the proud owner of CEL tokens. We hope our step-by-step guide above on how to buy Celsius gave you a better idea on how to get your hands on its CEL cryptocurrency, regardless of whichever exchange you're using. Now, we can safely move on to another topic, and that is regarding the safe and secure storage of your CEL tokens.

We have learned painfully through billions of dollars of losses every year that keeping your cryptocurrency holdings on an exchange account online is not the safest method for storage. Despite the best attempts of cryptocurrency exchanges to improve their robustness against cybertheft and hacking attempts, it's far safer to keep your precious cryptocurrency assets in a dedicated wallet application.

There are generally two types of cryptocurrency wallets that are most commonly used; software-based hot' wallets or hardware-based cold' wallets. Each has its own pros and cons, and there are a wide variety of different options to choose from. Moreover, most cryptocurrency wallets these days offer more than just storage, and they have additional services baked in.

Some can offer easy purchasing of cryptocurrencies using a credit card, offer their own exchanges built-in with the wallet, or enable you to stake select cryptocurrencies to earn passive income. The best wallet for CEL tokens is arguable the official Celsius Network app on iOS and Android, as it also offers immediate access to Celsius' impactful and feature-packed financial services.

For our Celsius guide, we've also outlined some other worthy options as the top wallets to consider so that you can safely and securely store your CEL tokens.


  • Desktop Client
Rating: 5

Trust Wallet

  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop
Rating: 5

How To Buy Synthetix SNX Cryptocurrency Tokens Wallet - MyEtherWallet
  • Desktop Client
  • Mobile Application
Rating: 5


  • Hardware
Rating: 5

Celsius Network

  • Software Wallet
  • Mobile Application
Rating: 5

More Information About Celsius Network

Celsius, or sometimes known as the Celsius Network, is an all-in-one financial services platform operating as a mobile-only bank through its iOS or Android app. It offers three key services for its platform; earning cryptocurrencies through your savings, borrow cash or crypto, and then using cryptocurrencies to send monies or make payments. Although Celsius is a for-profit company, they still return around 80% of their earnings back to users.

This is done mostly through the generous rates offered by Celsius. By choosing to leave your cryptocurrencies within your Celsius savings account, you can potentially earn upwards of nearly 18% APY rewards. This is the rate offered as of the time of writing this how to buy Celsius guide, but the average returns are still far higher than any traditional banking account. Moreover, the returns are paid weekly, and you can withdraw at any time.

Next, you can also borrow money through Celsius's lending platform. Here you can choose to borrow either cash or cryptocurrency, with instant approvals and without needing any paperwork. Moreover, the yearly interest rates on your loans are a lowly 1% APR. Celsius also offers its CelPay service, where you can easily send or pay with cryptocurrencies to other Celsius users and without having to pay any fees.

Celsius has since integrated its CelPay service with large institutions and businesses as well, allowing for easy transfer and payments using cryptocurrencies. The benefits are compounded with the introduction of Celsius's native utility token, the CEL cryptocurrency. By holding a set amount of CEL in your Celsius account, you are entitled to a multitude of benefits for Celsius services.

Holding CEL tokens on Celsius will allow you to earn even higher APY rewards by saving and even lower APR rates on your loans. Institutions that adopt Celsius's platform are also entitled to the same benefits by holding CEL tokens. While writing this how to buy Celsius guide, there are nearly $10-billion worth of assets managed by Celsius and have since paid more than $250-million back in return to its users since 2018.

CEL tokens have seen a massive resurgence in price since mid-2020. At the time of writing this how to buy Celsius guide, one CEL is worth $5.60, which marks a gigantic 24,940.43% gain from its 2018 all-time lows. Celsius has a supply cap of 695,658,161 CEL, whereby 238,863,520 CEL of it is currently in circulation. This gives Celsius's CEL tokens a market capitalization value of $1,336,536,159, which makes it the 58th-most valuable cryptocurrency.


We can now safely conclude our how to buy Celsius guide, and we hope you've learned a thing or two about how to buy Celsius and be a part of its awe-inspiring ecosystem. It's difficult to keep calm about Celsius, given its massive growth by leaps and bounds and has introduced the world of cryptocurrencies to the more mainstream users. We're beginning to see the status quo of the banking system shift more towards alternatives like Celsius.

The folks there are not content with sitting idly by either, as they're continually committing to expanding their financial offerings for its users. With Celsius, the average Joe can now attain the same equitable benefits with banks, as it was once only made available only to the select few. With huge rewards, low fees, easy accessibility, no paperwork or lengthy processing, and massive utility, you should certainly consider un-banking yourself with Celsius.

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