Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)… They're everywhere, and absolutely everyone is euphoric over them. Even those who aren't initially all too interested in digital goods are now getting in on the action. NFTs are sold for millions apiece, from artwork to trading cards, games, and music. Suddenly, NFTs have made what would have been a simple drawing, which has now become a hot new thing. But as you're ferociously looking for NFTs to spend your dollars on, where can you find the best NFT marketplace?

This is a great question, as there are countless different storefronts advertising NFTs, across a broad spectrum of applications. There are in-game items within expansive virtual worlds, which offer the same type of NFTs at their core just like an 8-bit PNG that you'd find on an auction site. For someone who's new to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it can be terribly confusing. Well not anymore, as we try to find the best NFT marketplace that you can shop around for the next Picasso.

What Are NFTs?

Best NFT Marketplace

First, perhaps it would be a good time to delve a bit into what NFTs are, before getting into guiding you across the best NFT marketplace around. For a start, NFTs are known as ‘non-fungible tokens‘. As such, each NFT is actually a ‘minted' token, just like a cryptocurrency, so to speak. Leveraging the use of blockchain technology, an NFT is a digital asset that has been ‘minted' onto a blockchain network. This minting process is able to then create a digital record of its birth, and existence.

In short, NFTs are thus able to present provable and easily verifiable proof of authenticity and hence rarity. It's this reason why NFTs are becoming highly desirable. A simple JPEG artwork that you post online could be downloaded by anyone. But if you mint that as an NFT, people can see that there are only 10 of said pieces in existence, and prove that you are its creator. While it may still be digital, making it an NFT will allow its owners to show that they own what is a rare item.

Where Are The Best NFT Marketplaces?

Thanks to the blockchain, NFTs have been able to bring about a new era in digitalization, where we now have digital-native assets that can become scarce or rare, just like a real-world one-of-one painting, and so on. NFTs aren't just for art, either, as we're seeing its concept being used in a wide variety of different applications. For instance, in-game items such as weapons and armor in an RPG game, or cars and upgrades in a racing game, can be turned into NFTs.

There are now MLB baseball cards or NBA basketball cards, and a whole heap of playing or trading cards that have become NFTs. Music, merchandise, collectible goods, and so much more have turned into NFTs. A side effect of this is being able to give real-world and tangible things value, where what was once a digital-only asset could now be traded for real money. So, if you're keen to be a part of this new age, here are some of the best NFT marketplaces, just for you…

1. WAX's Atomic Hub

Best NFT Marketplace

WAX has recently become one of the most active blockchains ever for its rapidly expanding user-base and new partnerships with many iconic brands, companies, and A-list celebrities. Some of WAX's most recent NFT collections include those made by Topps such as those aforementioned MLB baseball cards, Godzilla, Garbage Pail Kids, and more. Deadmau5 launched their own merchandise collection on WAX, as Atari and Capcom's Street Fighter join along with their collections, as well.

The hottest NFT-based game, Alien Worlds, is also built and powered by WAX. That, and a whole lot more makes WAX one of the best NFT marketplaces around, just for the quality and the chance of getting your hand on these unique collections and packs. Their main marketplace is Atomic Hub, where more than 32,000,000 NFTs have already been created, with upwards of 50,000 individual sales in a day.

2. OpenSea

OpenSea has the distinction of being one of the first and is concurrently the largest NFT market as far as volume is concerned. Here, you can find NFTs across a diverse array of genres, from the most common one, artwork, and all the way to music tracks, trading cards, videos, virtual worlds, all sorts of collectibles, sporting cards, and even website domain names that you can buy. Either 2D, 3D, or fully interactable, you're definitely going to find something fascinating and cool on OpenSea.

Among its most hotly trending collections now is from the Gutter Cat Gang, where you can find cute interstellar cat avatars, or VoxoDeus Minter, which is a huge collection of more than 6,313 unique voxel-based sci-fi avatars, which you could actually play around with. Musical NFTs are plentiful on OpenSea, such as this one collection of 41 digitalized renderings of the original RIAA-certified Gold Record plaque for The Breaks, which in the 1980s, helped to define hip hop and rap to this day.

3. Rarible

Rarible is another great marketplace for NFTs, with an equally huge array of categories to choose from. There are digital artworks, photographs, games, music, domains, memes, and even DeFi offerings for sale. Creativity is never in short supply, as Rarible's vibrancy is made clear right from the home page. Just look at how cool this fully animated, digital model of a 1960s Ferrari 250 GTO is. Rarible's Twitter page seems very busy too, highlighting its weekly picks of the best NFT collections.

There are adorable NFTs like this limited collection of 200 3D voxel-designed cats. Or, how about the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where you buy one of the 10,000 pieces of drawn apes which doubles as both an awesome artwork to enjoy, and a membership as part of the club, where you can earn extra perks like a commemorative graffiti. Even Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a collection of animated GIFs that you could buy on Rarible.

4. Nifty Gateway

If the previous marketplaces on this list are shopping malls, then Nifty Gateway would be the posh and upper-class department store on Fifth Avenue. It's no different in that Nifty is a place where you can buy and sell NFTs. But the key difference here is that these are some of the finest and most expensive NFTs in the world, exquisitely made and frequented by the richest NFT enthusiasts. The sort of prices that you can find attached to NFTs on Nifty Gateway rival only auction houses.

It's very common to find some singular NFT pieces on Nifty selling for hundreds of thousands, or millions each. Beeple, the artist responsible for the most expensive NFT ever at a whopping price of $69-million, regularly sells his creations on Nifty Gateway. Justin Roiland, the man behind the Rick and Morty series, has made several NFT editions there. World-famous artists and creators like Kenny Scharf, Grimes, and also Playboy Magazine have NFT collections on Nifty, too.

5. Enjin

Interestingly, Enjin isn't just an NFT marketplace. Enjin is its own ecosystem, with a powerful and immensely capable blockchain underneath where you can build, and most importantly, play NFT-based games. There are already hugely exciting games there, such as Age Of Rust, which is a AAA sci-fi adventure, role-playing, and survival game set in outer space. Then, there's the 9Lives Arena, where you are put in a competitive player-vs-player role-playing combat and fighting game.

Enjin is also building the Multiverse, where games made by different studios – and are completely distinct from one another – could let players interact between those worlds seamlessly, á la Ready Player One. Every single one of those games has NFTs, including items such as weapons, armor, potions, materials, character skins, and more could be bought and sold through Enjin's NFT market. In this case, you could not only enjoy those NFTs, but use them to help you in battle.


In the end, there are quite the many stores and networks to buy NFTs from, and our list to find the best NFT marketplace may just stretch to infinity if we cover them all. Let's not forget Decentraland, a competitor to Enjin where you play in a role-playing Sims-like game, and you could buy clothes or real estate, and join along with your friends across an expansive virtual universe. Rather than pay-to-win, NFT has evolved games into a play-to-earn mechanic, allowing players to earn in real-time.

In the realm of art and other collectibles, there are no shortages of NFT markets here, such as that built by Foundation, SuperRare, or MakersPlace. NFTs are magical, regardless of whether you're a collector seeking to hunt down the rarest of diamonds in the rough, someone who's nostalgically giddy about finding an old baseball card brought back to life, or are a hardcore player keen on the bleeding edge of gaming… Our guide here on the best NFT marketplace is but barely the beginning.

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