I don't have Bitcoin, how do I get some Bitcoin?

Buy Bitcoin:

You can get Bitcoin from any of the 3 trusted websites above very easily. For the fastest and most convenient way to get Bitcoin and purchase The Crypto Vault, follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Buy The Crypto Vault with Bitcoin

You will need the following 5 items to complete your purchase:

Step 1. Click here to go to Coinmama and then click on the “Sign Up” button.

Step 2. End then click on the “Sign Up” button Enter your email, choose a password, & select your country, then click “Create Account” to complete the account sign up. 

Step 3. Check your email inbox for the verification email sent by Coinmama. Open the email and click the link inside to verify your email address.

Step 4. Click on “Complete My Profile” and proceed to fill in your personal information in order to verify your identity. (This step is required in order to prevent crimes such as fraud & money laundering)

Step 5. Continue following the steps provided by Coinmama in order to upload your ID for verification.

Step 6. Wait for Coinmama to finish reviewing your documents. This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to a couple of hours. Keep checking your email for the verification completion update. Please be patient.

Step 7. After you receive an email saying your account has been verified, go to Coinmama.com/buy and make sure the currency “Bitcoin BTC” is selected. Then you will need to enter the amount of BTC to buy. Make sure you buy enough to cover the cost of “The Crypto Vault”. I also recommend adding $1 or $2 more to cover any fees. Then click “Buy Now”.

Step 8. Paste your Bitcoin wallet address, then click on “Go to Payment”. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet address, see the options below.

If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet address, you can get one very quickly and easily. Here are a few of the best places to get a wallet address:

(fastest setup)

Blockchain Wallet
(fast setup)


(most secure)

Follow the wallet setup instructions from whichever wallet you decide to go with. Once you have your Bitcoin wallet address ready, make sure to paste it in the order summary page of Coinmama as shown above. Then click “Go to Payment”.

Step 9. Choose which payment method you would like to use. I would recommend a Credit card or Debit card for the fastest processing time.

Continue with the checkout process as provided. After you submit the payment, make sure to check your email in order to confirm your wallet address is correct. 

After the order is in process, please wait between 10-30 minutes for the order to be completed and for the Bitcoin to arrive into your chosen wallet address. Once it says “Confirmed” you're now ready to buy The Crypto Vault.

Step 10. Go back to The Crypto Vault's checkout page here. Enter your email address into the billing details, then make sure the “Pay with Cryptocurrency” payment option is selected. Then click on the “Sign up now” button.

Step 11. On the CoinPayments page, select the coin you will be paying with (in this case it's Bitcoin, unless you have another coin you would like to pay with). Then enter your email, first & last name, and then click “Complete Checkout”.

Step 12. On the next page, you will be provided with 2 things: the exact amount of BTC to send, and the wallet address to send it to. So go back to your personal Bitcoin wallet address that you created earlier. Once inside your wallet, you will find a section to “Send” coins. Then send the exact required amount as shown on your screen, and send it to the wallet address shown. You may also scan the QR code shown to send from your wallet if using your phone.

Step 13. After you have finished sending your Bitcoin payment, please wait between 10-30 minutes for it to confirm. After it's been confirmed then the screen will show “PAID” automatically. You may then click on “continue to seller's store” to gain access to your Crypto Vault. You can also check your email for access links.


Any questions about paying with Bitcoin, please let us know here.

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