Jesus Cedeño
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Jesus Cedeño is a doctor-educated cryptocurrency expert and enthusiast with a background in data & statistics from the University of Alcalá.

He was a professor of Biochemistry since 2001 and Chief of the Department of Physiological Sciences of the Universidad de Oriente School of Health Sciences since 2016 where he initiated local research projects into Glycemic Index/Loads of local foods, Beta-cell dysfunction in the local adult population and epidemiological behavior of insulin resistance risk in school-age children.

Around 2015 he began applying his love to data & analysis toward blockchain and crypto with the mission of making crypto content more digestible for the average user.

Though his LinkedIn profile he has developed a solid following of over 500+ daily readers of his work.

At Jesús focuses on writing detailed reviews, tutorials & analysis of the latest crypto products.
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    Thank you so much! Happy to have you here :)
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    Hi Hana! Not sure what you mean here. Uphold is a platform that allows you to purchase digital assets with fiat. Can you be more specific?
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    Thank you for the kind words Joanne!! :)
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    Hi Rick, I will be making a post on all of these soon. But for now, I recommend checking the website: coinmarketcap and simply type in the coin you are searching for and you can see the exchanges it is listed on. For example; LOKI can be purchased on Binance DEX or on KuCoin Exchange.