OmiseGO Price Prediction (OMG) for 2021, 2022 & 2025

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If you follow the cryptocurrency world, you might have heard about OmiseGO. In fact, I taught you how to buy OmiseGO a while back.

For those of you just jumping in, OmiseGo is a blockchain-based payments platform designed to let unbanked people make online payments. In other words, OmiseGO wants to be like PayPal, but with cryptocurrency.

A few months have gone by since we last talked about the OmiseGO (OMG) token, and a lot of you are probably wondering, “is OmiseGO a good investment?” Read on for an in-depth OmiseGO Price Prediction for 2020, 2022, and 2025.

omisego price prediction

OmiseGO Historical Price Analysis

The OmiseGO blockchain launched on July 6th, 2017. The ICO for the OMG token ran on June 23d, 2017, with a price of 0.24 USD/OMG. As with all cryptocurrencies, there have been some considerable fluctuations in OMG's price. The graph below shows the full history of OMG:

OMG's price at launch was 0.39 USD, and it reached its all-time high on January 13th, 2018, when it was worth 25.62 USD.

The all-time-low was just over five months ago on March 13th, 2020; this was a pretty bad day for cryptocurrencies in general and is known as “the day the crypto market broke.” That day one OMG was worth 0.35 USD

Current Price, Market Cap & Supply Details

OmiseGO's price is currently 1.60 USD, with a market cap of over 223 million USD and a 24-hour trading volume of almost 51 million USD.

One noteworthy aspect of OMG is that 100% of its 140,245,398 tokens are already circulating. This means that there are no more tokens left to be mined.

If the OmiseGO project takes off, any tokens you own will increase in value dramatically.

OmiseGO Price Prediction (Future)

Of course, no one can know the future with absolute certainty. But cryptocurrency traders have developed unique algorithms that analyze past prices, trends, and other information to predict cryptocurrencies' short- and long-term prices.

We can turn to these algorithms to help us decide whether a specific token seems like a good investment or not.

Let's see what the OmiseGO price prediction looks like:

Short-term Forecast

1 Day$1.621.25%
1 Week$1.8314.38%
1 Month$1.7911.88%
6 Months$2.8376.88%
1 Year$3.60125%

Long-term Forecast

1 Year$3.60125%
2 Years$5.64252.5%
3 Years$8.94458.75%
4 Years$16.60937.5%
5 Years$28.901706%

OmiseGO Price Prediction 2020

According to price prediction algorithms, OMG's price should be around 2.8 USD by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. This would mean a 75% increase in value.

OmiseGO Price Prediction 2022

By mid-2022, OMG is expected to be worth about 3.6 USD, a 125% increase in its current price.

OmiseGO Price Prediction 2025

By 2025 OMG is expected to have taken off. The price is predicted to be about 28.90 USD. Higher even than the current all-time-high and representing an increase of over 1,700% on its current price.

Is OmiseGO a Good Investment?

As with any blockchain project, mass adoption is the key to the token's success and value. The idea of offering financial services to unbanked people seems solid.

If this can translate into real-world applications like peer-to-peer payments, international fund remittances, debit cards, or service top-ups, along with integration into existing payment methods, that could boost OmiseGO.

And we can see steps are being taken in that direction. The potential usability of the OmiseGO platform, along with the algorithm price predictions, make OMG look like a good investment in the long run.

How to Buy OmiseGO?

If you've decided to get your hands on some OMG tokens, you'll find that buying them is no different from buying other cryptocurrencies. It's just a matter of finding the right exchange, funding your account, and making the purchase.

You can check out a full article with detailed steps on how to buy OMG clicking here.

More information about OmiseGO

What is OmiseGO?

OmiseGO is both the name of a blockchain-based platform and of the crypto token that powers that particular platform. The OmiseGO blockchain aims to create a payment platform (something similar to PayPal) for the millions of people all over the world who don't have bank accounts.

The Team

OmiseGO was founded in Thailand and currently has operational hubs in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Their team consists of:

  • Ezra Don Harinsut: CEO / Co-founder
  • Jun Hasegawa: Group CEO / Co-founder
  • Anuchit Chitpirom: Chief Operating Officer
  • Frederico Araujo: Chief Information Officer
  • Robin Clart: Chief Technology Officer
  • June Seah: Chief Business Development Officer
  • Kazuhiro Koiso: Chief Financial Officer

Where can I go for OmiseGO news?

Understanding that OmiseGO's success is highly dependent on how they can integrate into existing services and other partnerships, the team may establish means that you want to keep up to date with the latest news.

One source of information is their official Twitter feed, @Omise.

You can also read the OMG Network News Feed clicking here.

The people over at Cointelegraph also have a page for OmiseGO news, which you can read here.


OmiseGO is an exciting project. Millions of people all over the globe, especially in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, are unbanked. If you don't have a bank account, you don't have access to credit/debit cards, and you can't make electronic transfers.

OmiseGO wants to provide payment services to these people without them having to open bank accounts. But they also want to provide superior services to those who do have accounts to “unbank the banked” as they say.

In a world where decentralized finance is becoming more popular, this is indeed an attractive proposal. The long-term predictions for OMG look good.

At the moment, OMG is a cheap crypto token to get a hold of. If you have a few extra dollars lying around, OMG is undoubtedly worth looking into.

And if you happen to have a small business, you might want to consider accepting payments in OMG. Remember that all of the coin's supply is already circulating, meaning that, if the project catches on, any tokens you own will end up being worth quite a lot.

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