ETHOS Voyager Price Prediction (VGX) for 2021, 2022, & 2025

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Voyager has gone through many changes since its release in 2017.

It was initially called Bitsequence with ticker symbol BQX, hence why you can find some of the exchanges using this ticker symbol, most notably Binance, which handles most of the trading volume of this token.

Later the same year, it was rebranded to ETHOS (with the same ticker symbol), which became the most prominent name of the project.

However, it rebranded once more in late 2019 to Voyager Token (VGX) upon the acquisition by Voyager, a $60M crypto-asset broker that has gone public on the TSX Exchange in Canada.

In this ETHOS Voyager price prediction article, we'll talk about everything related to ETHOS to help you determine whether it's a good investment or not.

ETHOS Voyager Historical Price Analysis 

Determining the future price of any asset can be quite tricky. The highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies makes them even harder to predict.

However, to a certain degree, we can forecast the most probable price of cryptocurrencies by looking at some key events, developments, market cycles, and price movements of some other crypto asset that has a high price correlation with ETHOS VGX.

As we can see from the graph above, the price movement of VGX or previously known as BQX, hugely follows the price movement of BTC.

Like bitcoin, the value of BQX exploded when BTC started surging exponentially. Likewise, it also corrected when the bubble popped. 

During the major bull run ETHOS, BQX (Voyager Token VGX) was able to reach an all-time high (ATH) $12.47. This was on January 06, 2018.

Its current price of $0.174818  is -98.6% lower than this ATH, which may present a very attractive accumulation price for many investors. 

There hasn't been any significant price movement on the part of BQX. Perhaps this is because the team concentrated their effort on developing their product for the past two years without fanfare or hype. 

Their immense focus on developing their product got the attention of another company, which later acquired them, as you will later see in this article.

Current Price, Market Cap, & Supply Details

ETHOS Voyager Future Price Forecast Predictions

Historical data, current price, market cap, and supply will enable us to predict the general direction of its price, and combining analysis of its historical price movements. We can estimate what price it could reach in the future.

General market sentiment

Like many cryptocurrencies, ETHOS VGX price seems to have a high affinity towards the price movement of bitcoin.

Many pundits believe that the price of Bitcoin has found its bottom in late 2018 and has started to regain its value throughout 2019 with the occasional dumps and pumps along the way.

With bitcoin block reward halving happening this year,  many investors are increasingly becoming bullish with the crypto market once again and can be corroborated with the increasing capitalization pouring into bitcoin and altcoins like ETHOS VGX.

This means that general market conditions indicate that the price of ETHOS VGX is likely to increase.  

 Increase of Utility & Demand

The acquisition of ETHOS by Voyager and the integration of  ETHOS token into Voyager's ecosystem means that ETHOS VGX effectively increased its utility.

This translates to an increase in demand for the said asset, and by the economic law of supply and demand, this will likely increase its price.

In addition to becoming the primary utility token of a bigger ecosystem, Voyager has revealed that it plans to launch several value-added services into its platform centering in the utilization of the ETHOS VGX further augmenting its utility.

Rejuvenated Public Crypto Interest

The improving market conditions seem to have reignited the public interest in cryptocurrencies once again.

Bigger cryptocurrencies are usually the first recipients of fresh capitalization as they are the ones that are readily available in trading venues, and they are the most recognizable by investors.

Tokens like ETHOS VGX are uniquely positioned to have additional exposure since they are tokens that are integrated with customer-facing products and services.

Binance coin is a perfect example of a highly successful cryptocurrency that has a similar use to ETHOS VGX. 

Regulatory Clarity

As we have revealed earlier, Voyager is a publicly-traded company, and being as such, we can assume that it is very careful with regulatory compliance.

This is very important as it is navigating an industry in jurisdictions that have yet to achieve regulatory clarity, particularly in North America, where much of its business is conducted.

Its recent acquisition of Circle Invest means more business in the U.S., making compliance critical.

While regulatory clarity is still far off, there is always the hope that someday that the government of the most liquid market in the world will finally embrace innovation and accept crypto as legal, financial assets. 

Short Term Forecast

1 Day$0.16-10%
1 Week$0.2120%
1 Month$0.4160%
6 Months$0.74320%
1 Year$1.62820%

Long Term Forecast

1 Year$1.62820%
2 Years$2.741450%
3 Years$2.211250%
4 Years$8.834900%
5 Years$13.287520%

ETHOS Voyager Price Prediction 2020

 The year 2020 is a pivotal year for the whole cryptocurrency industry. It is a halving mining rewards year for BTC. The price movement of almost all cryptocurrencies is highly correlated to the price movement of bitcoin.

It has been observed that the BTC market has a periodic 4 years bull market cycle, which typically occurs after every time these halving events occur.

We believe once these bull cycles begin, we will see significant price movements for VGX.

We believe that at the end of the year and the first quarter of 2021, the price of VGX might increase as high as 320% higher than its current price, which is estimated at around $0.74. 

We also expect this momentum to carry over through many parts of 2021. There is an excellent chance that the price of VGX might reach the price of $1.62, which is around 820% appreciation from its current price right now. 

ETHOS Voyager Price Prediction 2022

By the year 2022, we expect the price to reach $2.74, which is a whopping 1450% more than its current price.

While this might seem a bit extreme, this is still a far cry from the $12.47 it was able to reach during the last great bull run of the cryptocurrency market. 

Within this year, we might also see a slight pullback to $2.21 as some VGX hodlers might take some profits after the tremendous price growth.

This correction will be good for the token as it starts to recoil and prepare for the start of the next bull run that again will be initiated by bitcoin's halving event. 

ETHOS Voyager Price Prediction 2025

This year is a year after the 4th halving event which, if history repeats itself may serve again as the catalyst for the net bull market. 

We believe that by this time, mainstream adoption is well underway with many new retail investors diving into digital assets investments.

Mainstream adoption and regulatory clarity, which is most likely to have been achieved if not well underway, already will give cryptocurrencies the attention and legitimacy it has not seen before.

Hence, we believe the price of VGX may reach a new all-time high of $13.28.

Best Place to Buy or Exchange ETHOS Voyager

NameDeposit MethodBuy
binance exchange
  • Bank transfer (ACH)
  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Debit card
  • Wire transfer
Rating: 5


  • Credit card
  • Cryptocurrency
Rating: 5


  • Credit card
  • Cryptocurrency
Rating: 5


  • Credit card
  • Debit card
Rating: 4

Best Wallets to Store ETHOS Voyager

Ledger Nano X

Rating: 5

Ledger Nano S

Rating: 5

Atomic Wallet

Desktop Client
Rating: 4

Is Voyager a Good Investment?

Despite taking in a new name and being acquired by another business entity, the primary aim of ETHOS remains the same.

The Development of Ethos Universal Wallet will continue, and Ethos Bedrock will be integrated with Voyager's new application under the same name.

This was made possible through the synergistic nature of the two companies. Voyager focused on the financial and trading aspects of cryptocurrency, while Ethos focused on blockchain technology and abstraction layer protocol development.

Together they seek to provide retail and institutional investors products and services that solve challenges on liquidity, custody, and accessibility.

Voyager Token (VGX)

The transformation of ETHOS into Voyager's Native Broker Token (VGX) means that it will be taking on a more significant role than what it was initially envisioned to do.

ETHOS Voyager Price Prediction

It will represent the combined offerings of ETHOS and Voyager and will provide value and utility across their connected ecosystem. ETHOS, now called VGX, will be used in various ways.

It can be used for cheaper fees for withdrawals and trading, determination of cashback rewards, computation of interest, and to establish exclusive membership from the various reward and loyalty programs planned in the future. 

How to Buy Voyager (VGX)?

The best way to buy Voyager Tokens is through the project's crypto broker ecosystem using their very own Voyager app. The application is available for both iOS and Android users.

Prospective users of the app will have to register for an account and undergo the KYC verification process. Some restrictions may apply depending on your jurisdiction.

Once done, users of the app will be able to access the many service offerings of the Voyager app.

Those who want to buy on secondary markets may buy the Voyager tokens (VGX) from the many centralized exchanges (CEX) that support it. The biggest and most trusted among these CEX is Binance.

Please note that Binance still uses the old ticker name of VGX, which is BQX. It has two pairs in Binance, BQX/BTC, and BQX/ETH.

More Information About ETHOS Voyager (VGX)

What is ETHOS Voyager (VGX)?

ETHOS was founded by a 20-year old Brown University graduate, Shingo Lavine, who, together with professionals from product development, fund management, and technical design release Bitsequence (BQX).

The project was based in the U.S. with the primary goal of enabling ordinary folks the ability to control and access their digital assets completely.

Nearing its release, it rebranded into ETHOS and launched a Universal Wallet dubbed as ETHOS Universal Wallet which the team describes as an easy to use and powerful complete digital asset management platform.

 The Ethos Universal Wallet offers several innovative features that make it one of the most advanced cryptocurrency universal wallet in the market.

One of which is the Ethos SmartKey Technology. This acts as the universal key for all digital assets kept inside the Ethos Universal Wallet.

In addition to this, the wallet offers Fiat gateway and automated one-click diversification feature.

The integrated fiat gateway allows users to conveniently convert their fiat into cryptocurrencies without passing through third-party fiat on-ramp service provider.

The diversification feature makes it easy for users to diversify their crypto holdings.

Aside from the Ethos Universal Wallet, ETHOS also created Ethos Bedrock, which, according to ETHOS developers, is a high-performance Blockchain Financial Services (BFS) platform.

Its primary aim is to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology more accessible to both retail and institutional investors.

Like Ethos Universal Wallet, Ethos Bedrock will utilize SmartKey Technology, which in turn leverages widely accepted standards such as BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44.

Ethos Bedrock enables institutions to create self-custody wallet solutions or institutional custody programs. 

These products—Ethos Universal Wallet and Ethos Bedrock, are perhaps the two main reasons why Voyager acquired the American blockchain startup.

According to Voyager's official blog-post written by Stephen Enhlich, CEO and Co-founder of Voyager, Shingo Lavine will be joining Voyager as Chief Blockchain Officer.

In addition, he will have a seat at Voyager's Board of Directors, where he can help in shaping the future of the company.

Stephen states that Shingo is a widely recognized expert and thought leader in the industry, and Voyager will benefit immensely from having him on board.

The Team

The Voyager Team is composed of a team of finance and technology veterans who are dedicated to empowering and servicing investors in cryptocurrencies.

They are industry veterans that came from leading organizations such as E*Trade, Uber, Tradeit, Lightspeed Financial, and other leading organizations in various fields.

Stephen Ehrlich serves as the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of Voyager. Since the acquisition of ETHOS, Shingo Lavine has joined Voyager's team as its chief Blockchain Officer.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

After the merger of ETHOS and Voyager, the newly formed company acquired the embattled company Circle invest, which effectively onboarded more than 40,000+ investors into Voyage's platform. 


The consensus on the price movements of crypto assets is positive. This sentiment is buoyed by the idea that this year we will experience another bitcoin mining reward halving event, which was seen by many as one of the primary catalysts of the previous significant bull runs in the past.

Due to the high correlation of price movements of most altcoins to bitcoin, we can surmise that this will most probably have a positive impact on the price of ETHOS VGX.

The prospects of ETHOS VGX reaching another all-time high is possible in the coming months ahead lead by the resurgence of interest in crypto and onboarding of new investors.

While the general environment is increasingly becoming bullish, there are also many developments within the ETHOS project that will accelerate this sentiment.

The biggest one is its merger with Voyager, which effectively expanded its market scope and the products and services it will offer.

Furthermore, Voyager is a publicly-traded licensed crypto-broker that has been beefing up its acquisition strategy for crypto and financial related companies, the latest of which is its acquisition of Circle Invest effectively onboarding its 40,000+ retail investors.

 Only time will tell if Voyager acquisition strategy will bear fruit. Still, for ETHOS VGX itself, as the broker token for the said company, it is likely to increase in price due to increased utilization brought about by the increase of products and services of Voyager as well as the increase of demand from new token users coming from the acquired companies.

This is indeed exciting times for ETHOS VGX token, and for those who are looking for a nice altcoin to invest in ETHOS, VGX should be one of the tops on their list. 

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