EOS Price Prediction for 2021, 2022 & 2025

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EOS is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting projects in the history of crypto. Having raised over $4 billion (yes, you read that right… billion with a “B”) in their year-long ICO, they are one of the major projects in the crypto space. In this EOS price prediction, we are going to dive deep into the EOS ecosystem to help you decide on whether or not it's worthy of your time.

EOS Historical Price Analysis 

A vital part of this EOS coin price prediction is analyzing the price chart. The EOS price chart looks like it's seen better days, but it's doing as bad or as good as the rest of the market is doing under such circumstances.

We are looking for lower lows before we consider reentering EOS. We feel the longs are overextended, and the market generally punishes most people. Meaning it could result in either a sharp spike down and another recovery, or we could see a slower, more controlled breakdown, and the bear mentality will take hold.

Current Price, Market Cap, & Supply Details

EOS Coin (EOS) Future Price Forecast Predictions

Looking at the EOS chart below, we observed that we are trading in a range between 4 and 5. If the market shows limited weakness, all dips under 5 could be bought with stops at 6. If EOS falls below 6, we would start to panic. If the price goes below 7, it might be considered dead, and we would need to have a whale poke it with a stick to see signs of life.

EOS price prediction trends

Now, if we get out buys in between 5 and 6 and don't panic sell on the way up, we would plan to offload some of the positions at 3. If we don't manage to purchase between 5 and 6, we would then buy at 4, depending on how the price breaks and retests 3, we may add to our position. We plan on taking profits at 2 and 1.

We always look at buying on tests of likely support, taking stop hunting into account as a purchase area. We don't think it would be hard to see a scenario where the EOS price passes its all-time high. Whether or not this will happen is another question we can't answer.

If you develop a proper trading plan with multiple entries and exit positions, depending on where and how the market moves, we feel EOS could be very profitable, as long as it avoids 6 and 7.

Short Term Forecast

EOS short term forecast

Long Term Forecast

EOS long term price prediction

EOS Price Prediction 2020

We are expecting EOS to perform much better in 2020 compared to 2019. It should not come as a shock as many pundits predict that the entire cryptocurrency market will be performing much better in 2020 due to the upcoming bitcoin mining rewards halving event, which will occur sometime in May of that year.

Recent macro socio-economic events such as the COVID-19 Pandemic and the unlimited printing of money of the Federal Reserve seems to have rekindled the general public's interest on cryptocurrencies. 

This could only be good news for the price of EOS as well as for other leading cryptocurrencies. Extrapolating data from previous years, we find that EOS could trade between $6-12 USD by the end of the year.

We predict that the generally bullish sentiments on cryptocurrencies will carry on heading towards the end of the year, increasing the prices of many digital assets, including EOS.

If by any chance, the price movements of bitcoin become parabolic, the EOS price movement will likely follow the same path; hence $12-$24 USD is entirely possible. In both cases, we see EOS price to be higher than that of 2019 estimates. 

EOS Price Prediction 2022

We believe that the general trajectory of cryptocurrency prices will continue on its bullish path with the occasional uptick and dips along the way.

Like many other cryptocurrencies EOS will continue to follow the price movements of bitcoin. We predict the price of EOS would have touched a new all-time high by this time, which previously stood at $22.71 USD back in April 2008.

The new all-time high would be at the range of $30-50 USD and will subsequently pullback to around $20-$25 USD range. We expect prices to trade sideways in 2022, with the average price of about $22 USD.

Our EOS price prediction 2022 s based on the assumption that the bullish momentum, which started after the halving event of 2020, will have its full effect between 2021 and 2022. Additionally, EOS dApps would have grown tremendously and might be inching towards or have achieved mass adoption. The EOS-based social media platform Voice will play a leading role in achieving this.

However, there is a great chance that Ethereum would have released its upgraded protocol, which in turn would have diminished the advantage of EOS in terms of scalability. This might have some negative impact on the EOS price movement and competitiveness.

EOS Price Prediction 2025

By 2025 bitcoin would have undergone another bitcoin mining halving rewards. Like, the previous halving events, it should signal more positive price movements for the whole cryptocurrency industry. We believe this will bring a new cycle of more bullish price movements across the entire crypto industry.

If the previous all-time high (ATH) of EOS reached $50 USD, we might see a new ATH at $250-500 USD. While the players for scalable blockchain platforms would have reached saturation point by then, the first-mover advantage of EOS in scalable blockchains may ensure its continued leadership in the field.

ETH would have also achieved a more scalable blockchain by this time. However, its improvement in scalability might have an adverse effect on its decentralization as a result of its migration from the Proof-of-Work consensus protocol to Proof-of-Stake.

By doing so, it has removed its main advantage and evens out the playing field between EOS and ETH.

This might be the chance for EOS to become the leading blockchain platform, which in turn may result in the more favorable price action of the asset.

Is EOS a Good Investment?

In this EOS coin price prediction, we should talk about EOS vs Ethereum, which begs the question: Is EOS the poor man's Ethereum? Or is the EOS grossly undervalued? EOS and Ethereum both accomplish the same task executing smart contracts; how they do this is vastly different, as explained earlier.

Comparing both projects side by side, we can see EOS, EOSBTC, is doing remarkably better than Ethereum, ETHBTC, in percentage terms. Bitcoin was used as the dollar value is simply a derivative of bitcoin value and has more weight and importance. While the dollar chart can show a different picture, our analysis is focused on the cryptocurrency ecosystem first.

is EOS a good investment?

Percentage values show how markets are interoperating and which cryptocurrency has gained or lost versus the other. EOS has been a better investment for most of its life.

Looking at the chart below, EOS is in purple and above Etherium. Meaning it has gained more value and has lost less value over time. These markets don't seem to be moving together and have their trajectory.

There is an argument that a good, well-balanced portfolio should contain EOS. The allocated percentage needs to be carefully researched and individually validated.

Glancing at the dapp.com 2019 annual app market report, we can see that EOS is the second leading Dapp platform. The Dapp market is growing and should continue to grow as the Dapp ecosystem develops. At the same time, we can't see EOS overtaking Etherium by market capitalization, and we could see a scenario where an EOS investment could outperform an Ethereum investment.

EOS coin price prediction

How to Buy EOS?

There are many ways investors can buy EOS. We have Centralized Exchanges (CEX)decentralized exchanges (DEX)Instant Crypto Exchanges, and Peer-2-Peer (P2P) Exchanges.

Many of them allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies like EOS using fiat through bank cards and bank transfers. Charges vary; hence, we highly recommended for buyers to explore the different trading venues first before making a purchase. Also, take into consideration the technical skill requirements of each market place, some may require a more technical proficiency in dealing with digital assets.

For safety concerns, we advise buyers to buy from established and trusted market places. Coinbase and Binance are some of the largest and most successful CEX in the industry, which supports EOS.

Conversely, Newdex and WhaleEx are two of the biggest DEX for EOS, and buyers should have not problem buying from these two leading decentralize exchanges. For Instant Crypto Exchanges, we recommend Shapeshift and Changelly. Finally, for Peer-to-Peer Exchange, we recommend CryptoLocally.

Alternative Way to Buy EOS Coins

More Information About EOS

What is EOS?

The EOS blockchain can be thought of as a decentralized operating system and supercomputer all rolled into one. EOS smart contracts run on an ownership model, similar to an operating system. To run an EOS smart contract you need to own EOS, by owning EOS you own part of the network and don't need to pay a transaction fee to use the part of the network you own, this is how EOS eliminates transaction fees.

EOS is trying to solve the scaling problem all blockchains face. Their platform can support industrial-scale decentralized applications.

This problem isn't unique to blockchain, all online payments systems like PayPal and all credit card companies like Visa, face the same challenges. EOS claims they will be able to conduct millions of transactions per second, while simultaneously having no transaction fees.

EOS's plan to do this revolves around delegated proof of stake DPOS, which uses less electricity than mining, is much faster, and less centralized.

DPOS involves voting, this can be marvelous for removing bad actors but disastrous as non-technical users outnumber technical users by a large order of magnitude and may result in a short term bias instead of a long term vision.

The Team

BlockOne, the company behind the development of EOS, is based in the Cayman Islands. Brendon Blumer is its CEO, and Dan Larimer is its Chief Technology Officer. Brendon has been involved in blockchain since 2014. He was previously involved in MMORPG currency exchanges and real estate.

Dan, on the other hand, is the creator of delegated proof-of-stake and the chief architect of Bitshares and Steem.

While they are the two most recognizable faces of the organization, BlockOne is composed of a team of professionals with a proven track record in various fields.

EOS team

The Value Proposition of EOS

There are many things good things EOS brings to the table, one of which is scalability. This has been one of the major problems the pain points of the leading blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Bitcoin is only able to process up to 7 transactions per second, while Ethereum is slightly better with many sources claiming it can do 25 transactions per second (TPS). In contrast, EOS can currently process around 4,000 TPS due to its unique consensus protocol, which can theoretically reach millions of TPS.

Another innovation from EOS is feeless transactions. This has been a significant pain point for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Transactions fees on these two leading blockchains exponentially increase, especially when their network is congested.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have not yet reached mass adoption but are already struggling to accommodate users on its network, which leads to the bloated transaction fees due to its highest fee first transaction schedule model.

This was made possible through its unique resource allocation model, which allocates EOS resources used for transactions.

As a result of these two critical attributes, the EOS blockchain has become the second largest and preferred smart contract platform in the dApps space.

It also helps that EOS dApps can be developed using any general-purpose programming languages that compile into WebAssembly (WASM), unlike Ethereum, which must use a proprietary programming language Solidity, scalability, feeless transactions, and an increasing number of dApps made EOS the most active blockchain in the entire crypto space according to blockchain operations monitoring site Blocktivity.

EOS Price Prediction: Final Verdict 

In conclusion, we strongly advise taking a wait and see approach. While the markets are overextended to the downside at the moment, this does not mean the markets can't go lower. Trading on spot exchanges is about buying the low and selling the high.

This does not mean risking everything on one order but rather timing the market and looking for strength and the start of an uptrend.

One of the major factors when considering an is the actual use of the blockchain and crypto. The fact that an attempt is being made to build a robust developmental ecosystem around the EOS is quite encouraging.

Timing lows will most likely result in severe losses or worse, a false sense of market dominance, which could result in blowing up your account or doing irrecoverable damage.

If you can short, look for the reverse. Inverting the chart does wonders for a fresh perspective to see what you would do under a new set of conditions. For example, has your bullish or bearish bias been flipped? Then you could execute the trade or else walk away and live to trade another day. We hope this EOS price prediction has been helpful, leave any comments or questions below!

Always use a hardware wallet for long term holding and general storage. 

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