Electroneum Price Prediction (ETN) for 2021, 2022 & 2025

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Since its inception, the crypto space has attracted the attention of a lot of people. A major aspect of crypto is the price, with many investors looking to predict the prices of cryptocurrencies accurately. With this in mind, this article will be reviewing the Electroneum price prediction on both a long term and short term basis.

Before moving on to Electroneum price prediction, let's find out several important details about this fast-rising cryptocurrency.  Electroneum is a popular mobile-based cryptocurrency specially designed to reach out to the less-privileged and unbanked nations of the world.

Electroneum Price Prediction


Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are quite famous and easily accessible in developed countries; the same cannot be said in undeveloped nations of the world.

With this in mind, Electroneum is majorly concerned with bringing this innovative technology (blockchain and cryptocurrencies) to the grassroots. Citizens of most underdeveloped nations of the world have little or no access to financial services.

Electroneum, since its inception, is looking to change this. The crypto is quite popular in several African and Asian nations bringing financial freedom and assistance to the less privileged.

Apart from reaching out to the less privileged, Electroneum also plans to boost mass adoption of its native token ETN as well as facilitate general awareness of the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

With this in mind, the mobile-based crypto has securely simplified the processor making use of and acquiring ETN. Making it possible for smartphone users to quickly and securely receive Electroneum (ETN).

Historical Price Analysis

Launched In September 2017 by CEO Richard Ells, a popular crypto enthusiast with several years of experience in the crypto and blockchain space. Before developing Electroneum, Richard was actively involved in building GPU mining machines.

September 2017, after about two years of planning, Richard launched Electroneum's Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO was completed earlier than scheduled and turned out to be hugely successful.

Electroneum's still holds the record for the largest ICO ever conducted in the crypto space. Over 115,000 people purchased $40 million worth of ETN during the ICO.

Electroneum also recently launched a smartphone specially designed for carrying out ETN related transactions. The M1 smartphone also aids faster microtransactions like making app payments, transferring money, purchasing airtime, mobile mining, etc.

Although investors have yet to receive returns from their investment, many schools of thought still believe in the potential of Electroneum to experience a bull run in the near future.

Another way Electroneum is making waves is through its partnership with the WONDER Foundation. The Foundation is a crypto-backed NGO focused on providing less privileged women and girls with better opportunities.

The NGO focuses on ensuring girls get access to education, and women receive funds to help them start a business, thereby providing them with a means of livelihood.

Electroneum also launched the Anytask platform. A freelance platform where unbanked people of the world can offer freelance services and get paid in ETN. This is quite important as most freelance platforms require freelancers to have access to some form of traditional banking structure. On Electroneum's AnyTask platform, sellers do not need a bank account, and they do not need to pay any seller fees.

ETN Current Price, Market Cap, and Supply

According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing, ETN was down by 2.61% and was trading at $0.004887. The cryptocurrency also currently has a market cap of $49,787,257 and 10,188,082,768 ETN in circulation.

Future Electroneum Price Predictions

Making price predictions in the crypto space is quite crucial to choosing the right investment option. It helps investors make informed decisions with regards to buying, selling, or ‘hodling' particular crypto.

Near accurate price predictions can only be made after due analysis, and Electroneum price predictions aren't any different. Analyzing price prediction in the crypto space can be grouped into three, namely: Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis, and Sentimental analysis.

Electroneum Short Term Price Forecast

1 Day$0.004-3.03%
1 Week$0.005-1.20%
1 Month$0.005-1.20%
1 Year$0.054.2%

Electroneum Long Term Forecast

1 Year$0.054.2%
2 Years$0.19.6%
3 Years$1.2119.6%
5 Years$2.4239.6%

*This price prediction is based on the data collected from various sources meant strictly for educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Users should do their research before investing.

Electroneum Price Prediction for 2020.

Due to volatility in the crypto space, accurately predicting the price of any cryptocurrency is no easy feat. This includes Electroneum, which currently stands as one of the top 100 cryptos available in the world today.

With regards to the above forecast table amongst other analysis, the price of 1 ETN should be around $0.05 at the end of the year 2020.

Electroneum Price Prediction for 2022

With a strong user base and more use cases been created, especially for the unbanked, Investors are quite hopeful that ETN is reaching for the stars.

While reaching $1 as of 2022 may not be feasible, analysts expect 1 ETN to be priced at $0.1 as of 2022.

Electroneum Price Prediction for 2025

Many schools of thought believe Electroneum is more sustainable, and so is sure to have a steady growth over time. This is because it creates value and is looking to ensure more use cases for its token ETN.

According to the analysis, the price of 1 ETN is expected to be around $2.4 in the year 2025.

Can Electroneum Reach $1 in Price?

Since its groundbreaking ICO in 2017, Electroneum is yet to deliver on its promises to investors. This already begs the question, Is Electroneum a good investment?

Although investors are yet to profit from the ICO, however, they believe the coin is gearing up for a steady climb. Though $1 seems farfetched as the crypto is currently priced at $0.004887.

However, several factors point to the possibility of the price of 1 ETN reaching $1.

  • Electroneum is more interested in creating value. This is beneficial in the long run as it will ensure sustainability and a slow but steady increase in price.
  • Electroneum is interested in reaching out to the unbanked (about 1.7 billion globally). This is a sure way to facilitate adoption as well as create a strong and large user base.

So if you are asking, Should I invest in ETN? I believe you should, especially on a long term basis.

Is Electroneum Safe?

Security in the crypto space cannot be over-emphasized. Following the 2017 successful ICO, many Electroneum wallets were hacked, and ETN was stolen. This subsequently led to a drop in ETN prices and general displeasure amongst investors.

In a bid to prevent such a reoccurrence, the crypto has put in place several security measures. In a recently published whitepaper, Electroneum threw more light on its unique algorithm, known as PoR (Proof of Responsibility).

The algorithm has received accolades from top industry analysts majorly because of its superior security. The implementation of the PoR algorithm makes Electroneum one of the safest blockchain available today.

How to buy Electroneum?

Electroneum (ETN) is reasonably easy to buy. It can be purchased on any exchange that lists the crypto. Several crypto exchanges currently support ETN. They include; KuCoin, HitBTC, Huobi global, TradeOgre, CoinDCX, Liquid, Finexbox, CoinBene, Coindeal, Artis Turba, Sistemkoin, Bitbns, Digitalexchange.id, and Cryptomate.

KuCoin is one of the best and easiest platform to purchase Electroneum. First, the user will need to set up a KuCoin account. Next is to deposit funds.

This can be done by purchasing either Bitcoin or Ethereum from exchanges like Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, etc.

Once funds have been deposited, the user can then safely purchase Electroneum on KuCoin. Below is a screenshot of the process of buying ETN on KuCoin.

Electroneum Price Prediction

The team

With a dedicated CEO Richard Ells, with a good history in the crypto and blockchain space, Electroneum arguably boasts of one of the best teams in the crypto space.  Other members of the team include; Nick Cook, Barry Last, Chris Norris, Nigel Pooley. Several advisors, including David Bull CBE, former CEO of Unicef (UK).


This article has covered in-depth details of popular cryptocurrency Electroneum, including its price predictions. Several top crypto analysts like McAfee believe the crypto is sure to make a huge break in a few years.

If this happens, the crypto will be on top of a user base as large as 2 billion users. Are you interested in Electroneum? If yes, it is advisable to follow significant events and development updates on the platform closely.

Looking to invest in Electroneum, price predictions indicate that you should look towards long-term investment with ETN. Send in your thoughts on Electroneum price prediction. I would love to hear from you.

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