Ecomi Price Prediction (OMI) for 2021, 2022, & 2025

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With each passing day, it seems as though the non-fungible tokens (NFT) rollercoaster ride is going ever higher into space. The advent of non-fungible tokens has unlocked new ways that we can leverage the blockchains that we know and love, which has for a long time been assumed to be used only for boring ol' money. As we'll learn more in our Ecomi price prediction here, it looks as though the NFT hype train shows no signs of slowing down, not any time soon.

ecomi price prediction

NFTs, from artwork to actual houses, have long been powered by Ethereum. But with new competition abound, Ecomi is one of those stepping into the fray. Repackaged into a new digital collectibles platform known as VeVe (formerly Ecomi Collect), Ecomi is bringing new mediums for us to enjoy limited edition and exclusive NFTs from some of the world's most iconic brands and franchises. So, read along our Ecomi price prediction to see why we're excited.

Ecomi (OMI) Historical Price Analysis

The native cryptocurrency of Ecomi is the OMI token. Within the VeVe app (for Android and iOS), OMI is the primary currency used when buying, selling, or exchanging NFTs with other users through the in-app marketplace. Since Ecomi is built on the highly scalable and efficient GoChain blockchain, NFTs on Ecomi aren't susceptible to the wildly high gas fees plaguing other NFT platforms or marketplaces built on Ethereum. Clearly, there has been a lot of excitement over Ecomi.

It first hosted a public sale back in May 2019, where Ecomi sold 50 BTC worth of OMI tokens – exchanged at a price of one OMI for one satoshi – in just 12 hours. Looking at CoinGecko, we can see that the prices of OMI tokens have stayed practically flat since they traded publicly in 2019. But following the rise and popularity of NFTs, as well as general hype around blockchains and cryptocurrencies, Ecomi's OMI tokens saw a huge spike starting in early 2021.

Not long after its public sale, Ecomi's OMI tokens bottomed out to an all-time low of $0.00000337 on November 4th, 2019. Since that aforementioned price spike happened, the value of OMI leaped up within just a couple of months to an all-time high of $0.01343572. This quite simply underscores how hot NFTs are, which has subsequently catapulted the meteoric rise of those platforms and companies that revolve around non-fungibles, like Ecomi or its VeVe platform.

Current Price, Market Cap, and Supply

As of writing this Ecomi price prediction (April 17th), one OMI is worth around $0.00785. Relative to its historical prices then, OMI is just 41.6% under from its all-time high, while also marking a truly mind-boggling 232,608.5% gain from its all-time lows. On top of a circulating supply of 166,285,821,196 OMI tokens, this has put a market capitalization value of $1,344,703,557, making Ecomi's OMI tokens the 210th-most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Its total supply is 750,000,000,000 OMI (750-billion). Despite this seemingly very liquid design, Ecomi has adopted a deflationary curve to the supply of OMI tokens, by using some of the fees and profits that they collect to initiate a buy-back program. Instead of completely burning those tokens that Ecomi buys from the open market, they'll instead place it all inside of a reserve wallet. This buy-back initiative could keep up to 40%, or 300-billion OMI tokens out of circulation.

Rank: 123
$ 0.002682
Price (BTC)
$ 720.89 M
$ 1.86 M
24h Change
Total Supply
310.88 B OMI

Ecomi Price Prediction (OMI) Future Forecast

We're using algorithmic models to try and predict the general trends of Ecomi's OMI tokens in the near and far future. Although not always 100% accurate, there are a few good fundamental and organic reasons as to why we're extremely bullish about what's to come for Ecomi. For a start, the fairly young and still maturing NFT marketplace is ripe for experimentation, and most importantly, it needs some form of industry recognition and blessing for it to keep growing.

Some believe that only when the big brand names and pop culture icons start embracing NFTs, will we see the flood gates open. We're already seeing this happen as we write this Ecomi price prediction article, but Ecomi might just be the catalyst that we need. Even from the get-go, Ecomi (through VeVe) has listed limited edition and exclusive NFTs made officially from the folks also responsible for Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, or Ghostbusters, as well as the NFL and MLB.

As of this Ecomi price prediction overview, we've also seen other NFTs actively being traded within the VeVe app, from iconic names like The Powerpuff Girls, Nickelodeon's Adventure Time, Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, Monster Hunter, Star Trek, Fast And Furious, Ultraman, and more. This growing roster of A-tier partnerships and brand licensing, as well innovative ways for users to enjoy NFTs, such as using augmented reality or social networking, are quite unique within the NFT space.


1 day$0.0075-4.70%
1 week$0.0069-12.07%
1 month$0.014786.79%
6 months$0.0436454.00%
1 year$0.0779889.83%


1 year$0.0779889.83%
2 years$0.14701767.85%
3 years$0.28502644.60%
4 years$0.35303521.35%

Ecomi Price Prediction 2021

We can expect that for the rest of 2021, Ecomi will be focused on launching more brand partnerships to bring new and diverse NFT collections onto VeVe. One of Ecomi's ace in the hole is the experience and talents behind their licensing department, which has thus far been able to attract cult icons with the likes of Warner Bros., Capcom, and DC to release unique NFTs natively for Ecomi. If Ecomi can keep up the momentum, we'll surely see a healthy appreciation in OMI's price.

Ecomi Price Prediction 2022

By 2022, we can expect that NFTs are becoming more widespread than they already are, and the idea of buying and selling non-fungible digital assets or collectibles would be the norm. For our Ecomi price prediction, we've not been able to find a fixed or clearly defined roadmap timeline. However, given the increasing popularity of Ecomi's VeVe, as well as the aforementioned deflationary tokenomics, it'll be interesting to see how much farther OMI tokens could rise.

Ecomi Price Prediction 2025

2025 is a very long way away, so it'll be much harder for us to predict what's going to happen. Especially so would be those algorithms, which are spewing out seemingly preposterous figures. Although, that might be all too surprising in OMI's case. Nonetheless, with the progress that we're making now, blockchains would've surely been integrated natively into every subset of society, and the idea of NFTs becoming a standard affair makes Ecomi all too tantalizing.

Are Ecomi's OMI Cryptocurrencies a Good Investment?

As we've learned thus far in our Ecomi price prediction, it's quite clear that our algorithms are having a field day with these forecasts. It's easy to take everything at face value, and as we highlighted much earlier, studying the underlying fundamentals of an investment is just as important as studying the numbers. In the case of Ecomi, we can certainly see it being a very attractive proposition if you're banking on the future growth of NFTs.

There are some drawbacks, certainly. Ecomi doesn't allow for regular users to easily make and sell their own NFTs, which is a major downside compared to its competitors over at Ethereum-based platforms or WAX. However, Ecomi's variety of big-name branded limited edition collectibles could put its rivals on notice, as well as mark a watershed moment for non-fungibles. Moreover, they have some truly unique features built into VeVe that we've not seen on many other platforms.

It's more than just a marketplace, mind you. For a start, social networking through a mini-Instagram feed, and being able to share the NFT experience with other users through a virtual “showroom” with your collection on display is a great way to open up the fun factor with what were once collector's items. Moreover, VeVe has leveraged augmented reality, so you could quite literally bring your NFTs into the real world, and enjoy them in 3D space rather than being a simple 2D display.

How can you Buy Ecomi's OMI Tokens?

A significant limiting factor that we've found in our Ecomi price prediction if you'd like to invest in its OMI tokens is how to get your hands on them. Despite being on the market for a relatively decent amount of time, you could only get OMI tokens on a handful of exchanges. According to data aggregator sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, there are just three marketplaces listing OMI tokens for sale – AscendEX (BitMax), BitForex, and

More Information About Ecomi

Ecomi is a Singapore-based technology company that is focused on building solutions around the world of digital collectibles. Their business itself is split into two; the aforementioned VeVe (formerly Ecomi Collect) as their primary marketplace and medium for NFTs, as well as Ecomi Secure Wallet. The latter is a specially designed $199 hardware wallet, where users could securely store, buy, and send up to 1,000 cryptocurrencies, private keys, or digital assets such as NFTs.


As we now end our Ecomi price prediction, I think it's fair to say that we've put a lot of hopes and promises on Ecomi. They already have a strong list of iconic and popular brands partnered up with them, which is a huge bonus in the global NFT space. Crucially, Ecomi hasn't built just another marketplace but has designed VeVe along with a completely new and innovative approach for users to interact with one another and enjoy their NFTs. So, be sure to keep a very close eye on Ecomi and its OMI tokens.

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