Blank Wallet Price Prediction (BLANK) For 2021, 2022, & 2025

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In a world where we have to worry about whether someone is watching, listening, or tracking our every move, privacy is a commodity that is becoming ever more expensive. Even with the pseudo-anonymous blockchains, this is still a pressing concern… But not if our Blank Wallet price prediction has anything to say about it. It might be nigh time that we see the advent of more security- and privacy-conscious cryptocurrency wallets, and one that watches over you with ease.

Blank Wallet is more than just another web-extension, non-custodial, Ethereum-based wallet. They've built an entire suite of innovative tools for the privacy-minded user, as a wallet that can mask your wallet's funds enables you to transfer cryptos anonymously while also preventing third parties from being able to track you. As we continuously strive to limit our digital footprint, have a read of our Blank Wallet price prediction to see we're over the moon on their BLANK tokens.

Blank Wallet (BLANK) Historical Price Analysis

Blank Wallet Price Prediction

BLANK is the native utility token of Blank Wallet. Seeing that Blank Wallet is a fairly new project – it's only in an early-access stage as of this Blank Wallet price prediction – there isn't a lot of data to work with when assessing BLANK's technicals. If we look at the popular cryptocurrency pricing and data platform, CoinMarketCap, we can see that their first trading data was logged in on March 5th, 2021.

But since then, BLANK tokens have set a firmly upwards price trajectory. Blank Wallet's BLANK bottomed out to its all-time low on March 7th, 2021, at a price of $0.4545. Meanwhile, it very recently had a huge spike, as it peaked at an all-time high on April 1st, 2021 – less than half a month ago – at a price of $5.54. It's clear then that BLANK tokens are still trying to figure out the market while we're writing this Blank Wallet price prediction article.

Thus far, Blank Wallet has hosted two separate token sales for its native BLANK cryptocurrencies. The first was a private seed funding round, where Blank Wallet sold 35,000,000 BLANK tokens for $0.0515, which raised $1,802,500,00 for the company. Later on, Blank Wallet held its first public sale, selling 1,875,000 BLANK cryptocurrencies with a price of $0.064 each, which later raised Blank Wallet to $120,000.00.

Current Price, Market Cap, And Supply

Blank (BLANK)
Rank: 1085
$ 0.639754
Price (BTC)
$ 13.99 M
$ 222.37 K
24h Change
Total Supply
125.00 M BLANK

At the time of writing this Blank Wallet price prediction (April 15th, 2021), the price of a single BLANK token is worth around $3.13. This valuation marks a monstrous 588.03% ROI (return-on-investment) gains from its all-time lows. Although, BLANK is still around 43.51% down from its all-time high. That said, we'll learn more later on that it's very likely we'll find Blank Wallet's native BLANK tokens capturing and storming past this threshold rather quickly.

Currently, BLANK has a market capitalization value of $51,307,030. According to CoinMarketCap, this would make BLANK the 592nd-most valuable cryptocurrency. This is valued on top of a total token supply cap earmarked to be no more than 125,000,000 BLANK, where 16,406,687 BLANK are in circulation. Following this Blank Wallet price prediction article, there will be more token sales and distribution that will be unlocked gradually over the next 2 years (24 months):

Marketing/ Listing – 12,500,000 BLANK
Liquidity/ Adoption Incentives – 40,000,000 BLANK
Team Members – 15,000,000 BLANK
Advisors – 5,000,000 BLANK
Development Funding – 15,625,000 BLANK

Blank Wallet Price Prediction Future Forecast (BLANK)

There are a few reasons why, as you'll see shortly, the algorithms are highly favorable on the future outcomes of a Blank Wallet price prediction. To call it bullish would be an understatement. For a start, Blank Wallet has unique privacy features that stand out among other cryptocurrency wallets. Not only does Blank Wallet allow its users to hide the source and amount of their wealth in their wallets – which can still be tracked in other wallets – but it could also mask transactions.

Essentially, you can withdraw Ether, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), or a variety of ERC-20 Ethereum-based tokens practically anonymously to any wallet without a single paper trail. Then, we can consider Blank Wallet's business plan to earn money. They have plans to monetize their free-to-use wallet by requiring that users pay fees for certain services. This is aside from enabling lucrative rewards like airdrops, affiliate and referral programs, and special rewards for BLANK token holders.

For instance, withdrawal fees are nil with ordinary transfers, but withdrawals using Blank Wallet's privacy features to mix the tokens around will be incurred a 0.25% fee. Finally, we also have to talk about Blank's native tokenomics. Apart from being able to access extra perks, the biggest reason for this huge bullishness is Blank's adoption of deflationary economics by spending 50% of the fees earned to buy back and burn BLANK tokens, thus reducing their supply and increasing scarcity.


1 day$4.057029.62%
1 week$2.9820-4.73%
1 month$7.1090127.12%
6 months$22.9350632.75%
1 year$41.47801225.18%


1 year$41.47801225.18%
2 years$78.42502405.59%
3 years$115.52003590.73%
4 years$152.60504775.56%

Blank Wallet Price Prediction 2021

Currently, Blank Wallet is still in its V1 (Version 1) development stage, and you have to request the company to gain a pass for the early access form. We can see in the algorithmic data which we found for our Blank Wallet price prediction above that BLANK tokens could see huge gains in 2021 alone. Of course, these algorithms are no crystal ball, and we can only make as best of a prediction based on technical data, which there aren't that many of right now.

But seeing how even Wall Street is going mad over cryptocurrencies, we can imagine that excitement will reciprocate to other mainstream users as well. Blank Wallet's growth would also be catapulted sky-wards thanks to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, which has grown leaps and bounds to a total value locked (TVL) of more than $58-billion in cryptocurrency collaterals. Blank Wallet will spend the rest of 2021 rolling out new features, such as Web3 compatibility.

This will make it workable with many of the aforementioned DeFi services, whose users would no doubt appreciate the added security and privacy of Blank Wallet, as well as the monetization abilities of BLANK tokens. Other features planned for roll-out for the rest of 2021 include automatic deposits, a one-time address system, Blank Wallet's referral program, partial withdrawals, a unique pool reward system, as well as integration with other third-party wallets like MetaMask.

Blank Wallet Price Prediction 2022

While we can study fundamentals as far as 2021, we could really only make educated guesses for what's to come in a year's time. Even those clever algorithms won't be 100% accurate, but we could at least take a gander and see how the pattern looks like in general. Although we're not entirely sure if BLANK tokens would really grow 1,000 – 2,000+% by 2022 and 2023, no doubt there'll be a lot more upward momentum moving ahead.

As we highlighted earlier in our Blank Wallet price prediction, BLANK tokens are set to be disbursed slowly over the next 24 months, which would likely be complete around 2023. By then, seeing more BLANK tokens on the market would no doubt allow the currently nascent market for Blank Wallet's native cryptocurrencies to mature more. Besides, we saw 500+% gains in just a couple of months so far, so why not have lofty goals set for the next couple of years?

Blank Wallet Price Prediction 2025

Now we're going to need an extra set of crystal balls just to peer into what 2025 is going to look like just for our Blank Wallet price prediction, but we can still forecast an overall bullish stance for BLANK tokens. In four year's time, we can expect that cryptocurrencies would've gained mass appeal and adoption, even if oncoming future regulations and the looming threat of central bank-issued digital currencies (CBDCs) would put heavy competition on the more private cryptos.

Still, we're very hopeful that those regulations will only help to serve to bring cryptocurrencies to the forefront. Plus, we might also get to see a lot of innovation within the financial industry thanks to DeFi. But more importantly, as we assess BLANK, remember that they follow a deflationary curve which will see BLANK tokens be bought back by Blank Wallet and subsequently burned. This simple act alone to reduce its supply would make BLANK quite a scarce token to find by 2025.

Are Blank Wallet's BLANK Tokens A Good Investment?

From a technical standpoint, our Blank Wallet price prediction has given this very young project a very bullish outlook in the near and far future. But it's also crucial to assess a particular investment not just based on technical factors but also on its fundamentals. It's worth reminding you that BLANK tokens have only been on the market for just two and a half months at the time of writing, so there's not a lot of data for those algorithms to calculate on.

But even looking at this purely fundamentally, we certainly feel like there's a lot of promise with BLANK tokens. Not least its attractive tokenomics, but also its utility within Blank Wallet. They're very adamant about wanting to properly monetize what is a free-of-charge application cleverly, and especially leveraging their very innovative privacy-enhancing features means that it'll inevitably bring more people to use BLANK tokens and into the Blank Wallet ecosystem.

The rise of cryptocurrency wallets and their growing popularity isn't speculation, either. A fellow wallet, Exodus, just held a fully SEC-regulated public offering which raised $60-million in just five days, with plans to sell another $15-million worth of stock. Add on top of that Coinbase's watershed IPO, which valued the company at over $100-billion. It's not a far-off imagination to see Blank Wallet potentially joining the ranks of the top crypto wallets in the world.

How To Buy Blank Wallet's BLANK Tokens?

As a very, very young cryptocurrency, getting your hands on BLANK tokens right now can be a bit difficult. While writing this Blank Wallet price prediction, we found only a couple of marketplaces where you can buy BLANK tokens for sale. Moreover, the most popular exchange of choice is a decentralized exchange (DEX), which could be a challenge for the more casual users to understand how to properly use them.

You could always use sites such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to find the comprehensive list of all exchanges that are listing Blank Wallet's BLANK tokens. Currently, the most popular place to find BLANK is Uniswap, which takes up more than half of the total global trading volume of BLANK tokens. Another decentralized exchange is PancakeSwap, which is becoming ever more popular. If you'd prefer a more conventional, centralized exchange, then you could try, MXC, or Hoo.

More Information About Blank Wallet

Blank Wallet claims to be the world's most private non-custodial Ethereum wallet. Their end goal is to bring the top-notch privacy features around cryptocurrencies which have been around for a little while but are exceedingly complex to use. Now, Blank Wallet can do it all from a single, freely available, easy-to-use, and simplistically designed browser wallet extension. Blank Wallet does this through a series of smart contracts in a purely automated and decentralized manner.

In short, every time you ask for a withdrawal, Blank Wallet will create a brand new address for you based on how many tokens you've requested and pulled together from their smart contracts where all users' tokens are pooled into. What you have here are two clear benefits. Since every single user's wealth is bound together into a smart contract, it makes it infinitely harder to track down an individual address, pinpoint its owner, and track its every transaction history.

Next, it also means that your transaction history is completely clear, as that new address is a blank slate with no past. Blank Wallet then adds another layer on top to process the transaction data by integrating the Tor network, which further ensures anonymity. This is since current cryptocurrency addresses – especially on the Ethereum blockchain – are still susceptible to some tracking both on- and off-chain. Security-wise, Blank exists only in your web browser to maintain maximal security.

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In concluding our Blank Wallet price prediction, we can see that the future is very bright with its BLANK tokens. From a technical purview, you might argue that the algorithms don't have a large enough data set to calculate from. But look at the bare fundamentals, there's plenty of very good reasons why BLANK tokens could become a new top contender in the cryptocurrency market. We can hope then that Blank Wallet keeps calm and carries on with its future endeavors.

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I just loaded up on Blank today. I got them for .04 cents because of the massive price drop because of the recent hack issue to the wallet. But that has happened before with other exchanges etc. They fix the issue and people forget the hack and the exchange/coin moves on.

I am hoping for that upside (post hack) correction. And would tell anyone who wants to make a play for a coin that has dropped huge just because of this recent hack issue to do it now at these single digit cent levels.

Its currently on a few exchanges (you can see them all on coinmarketcap). But since I was not signed up for those specific exchanges I just bought with Uniswap and MetaMask. For MetaMask I used the ETH to buy Blank (that pair works).

Huge potential here after this hack issue is fixed and resolved.I’m hopeful!!